The Liebster Award

16 June 2016
Thank you Marne for nominating me for the Liebster Award. 🙂

This award is to give recognition to new or smaller blogs and to provide some exposure. The rules is simple. Thank the person nominating you, answer the questions they set out for you, draw up new questions and nominate new bloggers to answer your questions.

Let’s go…

Why did you start blogging?
I needed a stress release and I realised how much I loved watching YouTube and
reading blogs so I thought it would be fun joining in. It really took my mind off things
and allowed me to escape to another world.
What is the worst advice you have ever received (blogging or otherwise)?
Everybody is going on and on about having kids and everyone has got an opinion. I
am so tired of hearing that I am not getting any younger.
Mention one of your guilty pleasures
Chocolate!!! I eat way too much chocolate 🙂  and spending time in my pajamas.
If you could time-travel, would you go back to the past or would you travel to the future?
Definitely the past, just to spend one more day with my mom. I lost my best friend
earlier this year and I miss her so much. I shared everything with her, my marriage
my blog, my work. She gave great advice and got excited with me about my blog.
Such a special lady, I miss her so much.
Describe yourself with a movie and/or song title
Roar!! I have found my place and I am learning to stand up for myself and gain self
If money and time was not the issue, what career would you choose for yourself?
I would love to be an interior designer or an events planner. Currently I am
considering taking a course in make-up artistry.
Where did you last go on holiday?
Visiting my husband’s and my parents.
Flats or stilettos?
Definitely flats. Stilettos are gorgeous and I love wearing them. They make me feel
sexy but I’m so much more comfortable in flats. Confidence comes from acceptance
and being comfortable.
What makes you laugh?
My puppy, she can do the weirdest things and she is always ready for some
Name any 3 fails, whether beauty products, embarrassing moments or subjects failed somewhere in your life
  • I failed accounting 102 too many times to count. I will never be an accountant!!
  • MAC foundations – I have tried a couple and I can not find one to go with my skin – how hard should it be? 🙂
  • Trying to loose weight – being a chocoholic makes this extremely hard!
3 things you don’t want to live without
  • My husband – he is my rock my lifeline.
  • Milo, my puppy. She brings love and light into the house.
  • Chocolate!!!
I nominate the following bloggers:

  • Sasha Govender  – Beauty by Sash
  • Tasnem – City Girl Vibe
  • Arrie – Hey Arrie
  • Kamani & Sasha – Sisters and Stilettos
  • Safyah Makeup – Lady Safyah (youtube)
  • Mirim Maulana – New Kid On the Blog
My questions to be answered

    1. Name the thing you enjoy most about blogging?
    2. How did you choose your blog name?
    3. What life lesson or advice do you wish you knew when you were 16?
    4. What do you do, when you think no-one is watching?
    5. Your best character trade is ……
    6. Something I will never forget …….
    7. Things that you will always find in my makeup bag…..
    8. Starters or dessert or both?
    9. Which beauty tip made the biggest difference in your routine?
    10. Going out or staying in?
    11. What makes you happy?
Now moving forward :

First, give a link to the person who nominated you
Then answer the questions given to you 
Next you have to nominate 5 – 11 bloggers (with less than 1000 subscribers) and notify them
Lastly after you have done all of this, you need to create a new set of questions for the bloggers who you have nominated via social media

Hope you got to know me a bit better and that you enjoyed the post.

Love ya

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  1. Loved this Melanie, I enjoyed every answer! I am with you on the kids-thing hey? People will always feel the right to comment on when you're "ready enough" to have kids, but won't dare say "hey, you're next!" at a funeral.

    So sorry to hear about your mom, she really sounds amazing. Honour comes in what she's taught you, hang on to that xx

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