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June Faves 2016

1 July 2016
There was so many good products this month that I enjoyed, but the ones I choose is my absolute favorite ones. Check out my Instagram for the #testblock series where I choose 5 products a week and do a little #intstareview every morning. I really enjoy this series and I hope it is helpful to you guys.
Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Eye Shadow in Shimmering Copper.

This is a beautiful you can use on an everyday basis or you can use it in conjunction with other colors and create a glammed up look. I have done a post here on my Elizabeth Gift with Purchase when I picked up this color. On the lids it look gorgeous and I find that it does not crease on me and the formula is stunning. It blends well and I experience no fall out what so ever. The packaging is also sturdy and beautiful, there is even a decent size mirror on the inside. 
Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Mascara

In my #instareview on the testblock (click the link to check it out) I mentioned that this mascara is growing on me and that I was not sure if t was amazing or meh. The fact that it is in my monthly faves should tell you that I really like it. It separates my lashes very well and define it at the same time. In my gift with purchase post that I linked in the previous photo I said that this mascara is one of the items that I would like to purchase the full size. 
Essence Soo Blush! Cream to Powder Blush in 10 Sweet as a Peach

I bought this blush in February if I can remember correctly and I only found the perfect way to apply it this month. When I got it way back when I was quite dissapointed as t did not look good on my skin and it just looked weird. Luckily I held onto it for a little while longer and fount the perfect brush to apply it with. Now it’s awesome and provide the perfect color of just enough flush to look healthy. Just shows you how important the correct beauty tools are.
Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in Addiction

The formula on this lippie is just amazing! It’s long lasting without being super drying on the lips. The color range is quite good, I think there should be something for everyone. This lipstick is not transfer proof but it lasts a good few hours before it starts to fade and its smells delicious. The packaging is also very elegant and sleek. If you want to check out my review I have done on these, click the link and check it out.
Avon Senses Peaceful Reflection Showergel

When I used this showergel for the first time it reminded me of a younger me at the beach hop buying an ice lolly wearing tons of sunscreen. That true vacation smell. In the bottle it smells very floral but not overly sweet. It’s uplifting and make me feel less “angry” about getting up while it is still dark (I’m not a morning person). 
Johnson’s Baby Cologne in Joy.

Years back when I was still in high school I bought a hairspray just for the spray bottle. I chucked out the hairspray and have been using the bottle and cologne ever since then as either a body mist or as a room refresher. Its such a fresh and uplifting smell. I love it!
Lindt Creation in Sublime Mint

I “blame” Hazel from Beauty Shout Box (go show her some love) for getting me hooked on this chocolate. I saw it on her Instagram and she said it was divine. Obviously I had to try it and she was not kidding. The dark chocolate ensure that it’s not too sweet but it hits that chocolate spot. The mint is just subtle enough but you know you are having mint. Well Done Lindt!!

What was your faves this month? Anything you would recommend?

Love ya

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  1. PLEASE tell me with which brush you applied the essence blush with?!! I also have a blush that I've given up on, so thanks for sharing about using the right brush, maybe that's my problem too! xx

  2. Hi my friend. check out my June Haul, I talk about it there. Unfortunately it's a bit of an expensive one, but it is so versatile. It's the MAC 130. I love it!!!

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