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6 July 2016
Up until recent my makeup storage was a bit wacky. I’d still love to get myself one of the stackable beauty boxes, but what I have is good enough for now. I regret to say this, but there is some makeup I bought over the past few months (some even years) that I completely forgot about. Most probably because they got stuck where I did not see them or they did not impress me. I will have to pull them out and give them another go.
Single Eye Shadows.

I have come to be a bit of an eye shadow snob. A single shadow needs to be next to amazing or me to try it. I love palettes as I feel most palettes already have a color scheme which make coming up with eye looks easier. It is also much easier on storage. In this case, the MAC shadows is not my color. I need to play more in order to not look like a cried for 7 days. 
The Gosh shadow is gorgeous and pigmented, but it got lost in the other bazillion single shadows I have. The L’oreal shadow is suppose to be some sort of duo-chrome shadow but it is not pigmented nearly enough unless it’s foiled. 

Avon True Color Eye Shadow Quad

The biggest reason this lovey ended up in the back of the basket is because of the pigmentation. I swatched on my hand after ordering it and it was soooooo light, even on my skin tone. Color # 1 and #2 are extremely similar and #3 is way too light, where the fourth color has ALOT of pigmentation and over rule the whole look. I have swatched it and forgot all about it. Will have to try it and let you guys know if the pigmentation got any better with the right brush or application technique.  
Ralo Cosmetics Eyeliner Pencil

This eyeliner came in my October 2014 Ruby Boxes. At first I loved it, but it quickly became a nightmare. Yes it smudges out nicely and the staying power is not too bad, I’m just not so much into these eyeliners. I get excited when I try them and then very quickly loose interest, same story with the next liners I’ll be chatting about. I love eye shadows – especially the Inglot ones and gel liner is more appealing to me than eyeliner pencils.
Gosh Eyeliners

I got these to inspire some purple colored eye looks. This palette got me more inspired than these two pencils. They just got lost in my jar of eye pencils, dnt get me wrong, I think the colors are beautiful and the lilac one has got some strong “staying power”. But to me they are just an extra step in your makeup routine. Maybe as a challenge, I should do a whole week of only using eye pencils???
Essence Color Adapting Blush

There is a very good reason this blush got pushed back. When applying the blush it does not show on the skin, but give it a couple of minutes….. My experience ended in looking like a clown. I never touch it after that ordeal ever again. Too damn scared, LOL
Wet N Wild Perfect Pair Lip Wand

When I purchased a collection from Wet n Wild they had a gift with purchase. This is not really a color I would typically wear and I took the wrapping off for the first time to do this post. The consistency is very creamy and the lip liner is a little bit lighter than the lipstick. Might be a good color now for winter. Maybe the perfect time to test this out.
Essence Lip Liners

I had these for so long the packaging changes, at least my style in colors is still the same. These liners are so in-expensive and they are great! But once again, I feel it is just another step. Unless I do not want a lipstick to bleed, or I want to alter the color slightly of a lipstick, I do not use liners as often as most people do. I should however as it prolongs the wear of your lipstick and give it something so stick to. **Mental note** Use lip liners more often!

Lou Manizer Sisters

Aren’t these just too cute!! When I picked these up online, I thought the pans would be slightly bigger than this. It is hard to get a brush in there, and I own the full products anyway. I do however think that these lovies would look super cute on your beauty vanity.  

Have you ever came across makeup you forgot you had? If so, let me know what it was in the comments below.

Love ya

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  1. What a lovely idea for a post! I'm sure everyone can relate because we all have makeup that we have forgotten about. And it's the reason why you have forgotten about it that makes it so interesting.

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