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Review : CO LAB Dry Shamboo

13 July 2016
Have you seen the joke doing the rounds on social media that reads: “By Friday, my hair is 90% dry Shampoo”? I cracked up when I saw that, because it is so applicable to me. I have mentioned before that my hair is thin and fine (here, here and here)  just to mention a few posts. Dry Shampoo is my saving grace when it comes to not having to wash my hair everyday, and there is some pro’s and con’s. Today I will be reviewing from my collection of dry Shampoos the CO Lab Dry Shampoo.

Quick background check – This brand was created by Ruth Crilly and her team. Ruth is a fashion model, writer, beauty insider, but most importantly – a self confessed dry-shampoo junkie She like to refer to CoLab as a dry shampoo for grown-ups. You can visit her site here and have a look at the brand and where else you can find her on social media.


This dry shampoo come in an aerosol spray bottle. The spray is nice and fine, almost like a soft hairspray. The bottle is a comfortable size and the best part is that there is a travel size available as well. The “nozzle” is formed to fit your finger perfectly and the slightest pressure will release the fine mist. 

Cleaning Power 

I have some clear set opinions on the “cleaning power”. Although a dry shampoo is only there to assist in soaking up the excess oil, what we really want is hair that can pass as clean and fresh. Now the sheer and invisible has some other benefits but I have to use way more of that formula as appose to the extreme volume formula (which has some other issues I’m not too fond of). I feel it does a fairly good job but unfortunately at a price.

Formula / Feeling

The mist is extremely fine, you do not have to worry about squirting dry shampoo in blobs. The mist is easy to add evenly to a area. Now when it comes to the feeling, I also have some clear opinions. The extreme volume does a better job at soaking up the excess oils, but it makes my hair extremely grassy and difficult to work with. If you are looking for a spray to add texture to your hair to either style you hair, or just to give it a bit of vooma this is awesome. It really makes the hair  voluminous without it being sticky (think about teasing your hair or some other way of creating volume) but I found that my hair moved weirdly together and it was difficult running my fingers through my hair. Definitely not a natural feeling, but great at freshening up your hair.

The sheer and invisible formula truly does not leave behind that typical white spray that dry shampoo are known for (the extreme volume does leave behind the slightest white cast). It feels very natural on the hair and does not make a use diffidence in the texture of the hair. Having said this, I almost use twice as much of the S+I formula instead of the EV formula.
Color Range 

It should rather be noted as “scent” range. There are 6 scents in the range and all six scents are available in both formulas. The color bottles with silver is known to be the EV formula as shown in the middle picture and the S+I formula is a silver bottle with the same color as used on the EV bottle. Basically, they are the inverse of each other. 

The RIO scent is amazing. Its subtle and fresh with a hint of fruitiness. It lasts a good amount of time in your hair but it not over powering. Its my favorite between the two. Unfortunately the MONACO scent smells soapy to me and I do not actually appreciate the scent. It also lasts for quite some time, but is also not overpowering.

Where to find this

Currently I only know of Clicks that stock these babies. If you know where else in South African stores you can find these, leave it in the comments below.


Currently these dry shampoo retails for R89.95 each. 

I think that if you are on holiday and do not want to fuss to much with your hair this is a great product. Or if you have got short hair and need to go another day before blow drying it again this will also work wonders. But for me with long, thin and fine hair it works out too expensive to use it on a regular basis. I will need at least two bottles a month.

Have you tried the other scents? If so tell us how you liked it and what you thought of the product.

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