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Review : Essence Cream to Powder Blush and highlighter

25 July 2016
I have been looking for these all over for so long. And the reason I could not find them cause they are being discontinued. You can however still find them at some online stores like Red Square or Takealot.

Let’s quickly go through the colors before we get to the rest. 

Sweet as a peach
This is my favorite one, it looks the most natural on the skin and it is the easiest to blend. The name is very fitting. I feel this provides me with the perfect healthy glow without trying to look like I have too much blush on. I will discuss the formulation a bit later. The photo below shows the application on my skintone. 

Everything is better in pink

Be afraid, be very afraid. This is how I feel when I look at this blush. The color is beautiful, but its extremely intense. It does sheer out a tiny bit, but not enough for my fair skin. It also kind of accentuate the redness in my skin and I do not really appreciate that. 
Look on the bright side
This color is the biggest reason that I was looking for this range. I wanted to try the highlighter and it is this highlighter that disappointed me the most. It swatches beautifully but I can not get it to work on m skin. It looks blotchy and settles into the texture on my skin. 

Now, let us run through the other pressure points:

Packaging – The pans come in a clear compact and the color of the product gets displayed very well this way. The blush range can easily be distinguished between the highlighters. There is a loud click when the compact closes and is made of hard plastic. It’d quite secure, but I have found in the past that with packaging like this the hinge at the back cracks and then the lid breaks.

Applicator – It took me a long while to get the application down to a tee. I finally found the perfect brush to apply these creams. When I apply it using my finger, I get some of the color payoff, but not as much as with the brush. I also find that it does not sit so smoothly on my face when using my fingers. However, the highlighter just does not want to smooth out, whether I use my fingers or my magic brush. 

Staying Power – These last quite well on my skin and I have no problems with it breaking up during the course of the day. When I take my makeup off at the end of the day I can see that there is still some left. 

Formula – The formula is extremely interesting. When you swirl your finger in the pan you can feel it’s a cream product, but the moment you swatch it or use in on your face it turns into a powder. It’s not sticky at all and has got no fallout. This is such an interesting formula. I prefer the formula of the two blushes over the highlighter, but I am sure that if and when I find the perfect way to apply it the formula will be just as great as the other two.

Color Range – It seems that I am only missing the light pink highlighter. All together there is 4 color in this range. Two blush colors and two highlighting colors.

Where to find – I had a hard time finding them cause they are being discontinued but you can still find them on Red Square and Takealot or maybe try E-bay.

Pricing – These retail for about R40 a pop. It’s not expensive at all, but in the same breath I want to say that although the aren’t bad, they aren’t my first choice either. They do however have their place in a specific routine and then the sure will be handy.

Do you own one or more of these products? If so, let me know what your thoughts were.

Love ya

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