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Review : LA Girl Lip Glaze

11 July 2016
I think one of every beauty blogger’s mission is to find the perfect lipstick. We test and try everything we can get our hands on, in hope of finding the holy grail lippie. I have put the LA Girl Glazed lip paints to the test ad although they fared well they unfortunately did not reach holy grail status. But keep on reading to see what I think of them.
Packaging – 

At first glance these lippies look a lot like the Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipsticks. It immediately makes me think it is fancier than what it really is. The tube is fine (storage wise as well as for use) the only gripe I have is the applicator tip, but I will get into that later in the post. The  lid screw on tightly which will ensure that there is no “oops” moments when these lippies are in your handbag or makeup bag.

Applicator –

I am not too fond of the applicator. The slanted tip and the consistency of the liquid lipstick is a combination fit for a horror story. I feel that because the pigmentation is so strong it can easily go over the lines of our lips an become a hot mess in an instant. The easiest for me to apply this, was to squeeze a little bit onto the center of my lip and using either a lip brush or my finger, distribute the product evenly. This made sure that the wasn’t too much product on the lips and it wasn’t too shiny.

Staying Power – 

The staying power is awesome! Once I have sheered it out a bit I feel it sticks to the lips better. In an office environment this can stay almost all day, excluding if you chop down a juicy burger for lunch. After the glossiness have faded it leaves behind a nice stain. 

Formula – 

The formula / consistency is very thick and sticky. I really do not like it at first, but when you even and sheer it out, it really becomes wearable. Even after you have sheered it out, it stays kind of tacky, but not sticky. I do not mind the tackiness, as I feel it does not dry out the lips too much. Furthermore, it smells strongly of mint and tingles a tiny bit but not too much when first applied, but after that the tingliness goes away.

Color Range – 

On the Dis-Chem Online store I only saw six colors but I think I saw more in store – do not quote me on that. They range from a coral orange color to pink, dirty pink, bright pink , on to red and then we end it with a weird purple color (way, way, way out of my comfort zone).

Where to find – 

As far as I am aware, Dis-Chem is the only store that sells LA Girl. You can visit Dis-Chem’s online store should you not have one in your area.

Pricing – 

They retails for R49.95 and I truly think the are wort every cent of that fifty rand. 

I think these are awesome, they need a bit of work. It is not something you can smack on your lips while climbing the stairs to your office. But the price point is good and the pigmentation is something I can talk about all day.

Have you tried these lip paints before? Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts were.

Love ya

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