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Haul : August 2016

31 August 2016
Another month has passed and my “to-test” basket is currently filled with all the goodies I’m going to talk about in this post. First off I hope everyone reading this post had an amazing August. Then I want to say Thank you to everyone who took part in my Womens Day Competition. Congratulations to Tarryn the winner, hope you enjoy your goodies. Now let me jump into the goodies I got over the past few weeks.
NYX Illumintor in Enigmatic

I saw this on someone’s Instagram a while back and it got me intrigued instantly. It went onto my “need-to-get-this-list” immediately and now I will testing it out soon and write a review. Right off the bat I can tell you I have nothing like this in my collection. It is natural and beautiful but not overwhelming. I am very excited to try this beauty and will let you guys know how she performs soon.  
Inlot AMC Eyeliner Gel in #88

The other day I was chatting to the sales lady at the Inglot counter (planning my next freedom 5 pan eye shadow palette) I asked her how a bright yellow would be worn. It kind of scared me, we are so used to brown, blue, green maybe even purple, but yellow!! That is just way, way, way out of most people’s comfort zone. I have got some awesome eye looks that I am working on.
Essene Gel Eye Pencil Waterproof in Blue Lagoon & Urban Jungle

These were part of my Womens Day Giveaway, well the brown one was. I got the blue an green for myself. They seem very creamy and set very quickly. I am interested to see how they will perform in the waterline. The colors are gorgeous and I think they will work perfectly with a blue or a green eye look, or even a neutral look adding a pop of color.  
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Pigments

Pigments are always a huge mess. Some are worth it and other’s just aren’t worth the trouble. I hope these will be awesome. I have got a brush that fit right into the opening of the bottle and is perfect for the application as well. I could not decide in store if these are wet or dry, but they are powdery for sure. I think I am most excited about these pigments out of all the goodies I got.
Essence 2 in 1 Eye Shadow & Liner

I already own the blue liner and I have really been enjoying it. When I bought the giveaway liners I could not resist getting me the same colors and I might even got and get some of the other colors too. If these are as awesome as the blue liner I will most definitely be getting some of the other colors, if not all of them. 
Essence Glossy Stick in 05 Brilliantly Burgundy

Once again I have been using the Glossy stick in Luminous Rosewood for a while now, it was one of the first gloss sticks that I picked up. Since then my collection has grown and this color – Brilliantly Burgundy – is the latest edition. Its the perfect color to say good bye to Winter and squeeze the last bit out of the vampy color trend.  
Inglot Lip Tint Matte

Once again I was hovering at the Inglot counter when the lady showed me these matte liquid lipsticks. I wanted one then and there but they are a bit pricey. I had to wait a month or two before I finally caved and bought this one. I thought that it was the most everyday color. This is also an item that I am extremely excited to try.  
Sterling Silver Ear Rings

My puppy was a busy girl and got hold of not just one but two pairs of my ear rings. The one pair she completely ruined and the other she thankfully did not bite to badly and over the past few weeks I found the one that was missing. I have however already purchased these two pairs and I love them. They are fuss free and perfect for the office. They also did not break the bank.

What goodies did you get this month? Let us know in the comments below.

Love ya

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  1. I love most of the products I bought from them. Currently the pigments are my favorite.

    The Illuminator is very natural and subtle on my skin tone.

    Let me know what you think of their products when you do purchase some 🙂

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