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22 August 2016
I to love to shop for beauty items, from makeup to skincare or even hair goodies. Now obviously not everything will work perfectly for me. There will be some items that are more suited for other skin tones or eye shapes or something. If I mention a product that you swear by, please do not be offended. Some products work better on some people and on others it does not.

Maybeline – The Rocket Volum’ Express

I have seen this mascara all over YouTube and everybody loves the Maybeline Volume Express. Naturally I had to try it, and it is a sad story for me. I love the bristles on the wand and I love the formula, the wand is a bit big but I can deal with that. What I can not deal with, is the amount that this mascara transfers on me. Not only does it leave blackness in my lower lash line, but t also transfer to my eye lid. It leaves little black dots in my lower lash line that looks like teeny tiny beauty spots (that’s not so beautiful at all!!)
MAC Studio Sculpt

The two of us has got a love-hate relationship gong on. This foundation loves to hate me and I hate to love it back. It settles into my pores like a hippo that wallows in the puddles of a riverbank. I honestly think that this foundation is too thick for my liking, not even a primer could save our relationship. In the end this foundation found love in the arms of one of m friends. Happy as can be together.

The Balm – Cindy-Lou Manizer

I feel that this product has got a bit of an identity problem. Its not pink and pigmented enough to stand as a blush on its own, but it is also not intense enough to be a highlighter. It might function well as a blush topper, but at this moment I do not really reach for Cindy too often. If you know of a great way to apply or use her, please let me know in the comments below. (weird thing is, I want to get the Betty-Lou Manizer as well and do a whole blog post on them) 

Elf All over Color Stick in Lemonade

I feel that with this you can easily reach clown status. I had difficulty blending out this product properly and I felt it enhanced the redness in my skin tone. It smells very nice and the product is retractable which is nice, I just had a hard time getting this product to look decent.
L.A. Girl Velvet Blush & Bronzer Contour Stick

I love the highlighter I got in this range. It shiny and highlighty like it should be but these two are a different story. They are difficult to build color and then they end up being splodgy and then in  the next step when you blend, it all just blends into nothingness. In my opinion these products are just not worth the effort.

MAC Paint Pot in Let’s Skate

It’s a cream product that dries down and can be used as a base. Now if I can remember correctly, I saw Jaclyn Hill use this while creating one of her signature looks and I went out the next day and immediately got it. BIIIG mistake. When it dries down the glitter goes everywhere and the shadow flakes on me. I have tried it so many different ways and it still did not work. In the end this product also found love in a friend’s arms and it was love at first sight.

It just goes to show that something that might work for me, will not necessarily work for other people. I am so saddened by having to give this away cause it was an awesome base for glittery eyes. 
Elizabeth Arden Skin Illuminating Smoothing Cleanser

I am on the hunt for a new cleanser and decided on this cleanser, I do not like it. After I have used my cleansing balm to take off my make up I like to go in with a gentle cleanser to take off everything and anything that is left. However, this cleanser is just not cutting it. I feel it leaves my skin feeling dry and and it is not sensitive enough to use around my eyes. Seems like I will have to keep on looking – an suggestions?
Elizabeth Arden Intensive Lip Repair Balm

A while back I had terrible cracked lips. The lady at the EA counter said that this will fix my lips instantly. I’m really sad that this failed me. I will say that this is an okay balm to keep healthy lips in good shape, but cracked lips is a challenge for the balm. It just lie on my skin and does not provide the necessary healing. The smell is not pleasant at all and its difficult to use, you can see in the picture I used my nail to dig the product out the pot. I was just disappointed at the results after paying a highend price for a product that does not even work half as well as some of my other “drugstore” balms.

Do you have some items in our stash that is leaving you wanting for more? If so, let me know in the comments below.

Love ya

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  1. A very good post, thank you. We all have products that disappoint us, even more so when we have paid high end prices for it.

    I once received a sample size of the EA lip balm in a gift purchase and I have to agree with you. It's a good product if your lips are already in good shape, but it doesn't heal cracked lips.

    I'm very keen on trying the MAC studio sculpt foundation, but after reading this I will go test it first in store xx

  2. Hi my friend, thank you for stopping by, Unfortunately not all goodies work for everyone, right?

    Im so glad you agree with me on the balm, I was scared I'll be electronically stoned for saying I do not like it 100%

    Do you have any items you are not happy with?

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