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Review: Wet N Wild Blush in Pearlescent Pink

26 August 2016
I have heard so many awesome reviews about this blush. Most if not everybody that talked about this blush loved it! I was browsing the Wet N Wild stand the one day and saw this and it went in the basket right away, The good me had to convince the twisted, makeup obsessed me to only take one (you do not need a backup if you have 13 other blushes at home!!!) It was a long debate, I got a few weirs stares but the “good me” won the fight for now…

I first featured this blush in this post and got to play with it since then. Here is my thoughts on this lovely blush (oh #spoiler alert)

Packaging – Its the standard plastic packaging that you are use to from Wet N Wild. It’s nothing mind blowing but it is sturdy enough. The see through lid gets scratched very easily but that is a minor problem. I feel it opens easy enough (even when my nails reach ‘talon” stage) but yet it close firmly at the same time. Included is a brush that I will touch base on a bit late in this post. The pan size is on the lower end of normal, you get 0.14 oz which is about 4g (more than enough to last you quite some time)

Formula – This blush is very pigmented. It does swatch more opaque with your finger on the back of your hand, but when you use a brush it softens it to a beautiful flush. This blush does kick up some powder, especially when I use the brush it came with, but it applies evenly and blends out gorgeous. Now, do not go running away and stop reading when you hear glitter!  Because yes, this blush does contain micro glitters, but I find that it does not really transfer noticeably to the face. Your partner will have to be french kissing distance from you before someone will really notice the particles. I rather think of it in a light reflecting matter to add that healthy look.

Lasting Power – I have put this blush on at like just after 6 some mornings going to work and on my way home after a long day of work and hussle I sometimes need to remind myself to look where I’m driving instead of admiring my healthy flushed blush. Just remember that the longevity of your powders is very dependent on your base and how well you have set or applied it.

Skin tone – I think this will look gorgeous on any skin tone especially medium skin tone. On my pale skin it looks beautiful however, I am just sometimes scared that it emphasize the redness in my skin, but when applied correctly and blended well with a bronzer and a highlighter this is the perfect combination.
Where to find – Off the top of my head I can only think of Clicks that sell Wet N Wild. If I am acting like a blond and missed a place, please let us know in the comments below where else in South Africa you can get your hands on this brand.

Price – They retail for around R75 which is a bargain in my book. It’s pigmented, long lasting and looks gorgeous on the skin.

Let us know what you think of this blush if you own it or if it is on your wishlist?

Love ya

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