24 August 2016
We are a country with 11 official languages and way too much culture. It is sometimes difficult to get on with each other especially if you bring up politics and the past of South Africa. But one thing is for sure – we love our country and we have lots to be proud of.

This tag was modified by Jabi, the author of the blog Closet Freedom and  was tag months and months ago. Why I have not done this sooner, I do not know. Please check out her answers here.

Here we go 

1.   How many cups of coffee do you have per day? What type of coffee and why?

I am not a big coffee drinker. If I do drink coffee I like Nescafe Gold or Jacobs or even better is one of these sachets of instant cappuccino.  

2.  Favorite part of the 7-color Sunday dish?

It will definitely be the potatoes! If you microwave them and then deep fry them, they loose all their healthiness but oh my word there is nothing better (except chocolate) than those crispy potatoes. HMMM.

3.  What sports team would you spend most of Saturday watching while enjoying a classic South African Braai – Soccer / Rugby / Cricket.
I am not much of a sports fan, especially on TV. But there is much to say about attending a high stakes live Rugby match. The “gees” in the crowd is amazing and to have a braai afterwards is the cherry on top (especially if our team won!!)

4.  Favorite South African word / + most annoying.

Fave – O eh-eh (from a Omo television add a while back)
Most Annoying – “Nou gaan ons braai”

5.  South African treat?

Melktert!!! Check out my mom’s recipe in this post that I have done earlier this year.

6.  Which SA DJ rocks your socks?

I m not much of a music fan. I listen to what ever is playing. That being said I do enjoy the KFM breakfast show with Ryan O’Conner and the gang. They are funny and play super cool music. 

7. Favorite SA personality? Why?

I love Cindy Nel. 
She is gorgeous and talented and such a strong women, but yet her feet is firmly on the ground. 
I think that we as SA women should start building each up in stead of tearing each other down. We can get further when we work together. It’s tough out there and life is hard. You should not need to compromise on who you are as a person and what you stand for. 

Remember, You are beautiful and you were created in God’s image for a purpose on this earth.

8.  Favorite Province? It’s man attraction?

I am currently living in Cape Town and I love it! The area is clean, nature is gorgeous and we are close to the beach and a whole lot of wine farms. LOL  But please take a step back and think of each province, we have got a country filled with so many beautiful attractions. Maybe if we start touring our country more we would appreciate it more?

9.  How many South African Languages can you speak?

Unfortunately I can only speak Afrikaans and English

10. Favorite South African Song?

This might sound cheesy but “Die Stem” just holds so much power and so much promise.

11. TV how watched b most South African that’s also a must-watch in our family.

When I still lived with my folks we would race to get everything done so that we can all watch 7de Laan. My dad will tell us in advance what is going to happen and without fail he will be right 9 out of 10 times. Now a days I do not watch the show anymore but behold when I do tune in every now and again, not much has changed.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you have, and you want to do the tag, or want your favorite blogger to do the tag, please feel free to let them know.

Love ya

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