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5 August 2016
We all know the Youtube emblem. I have watched many tutorials – not just beauty – I have searched many “how-to” videos. In this post I will share with you 5 beauty gurus that I follow with a channel that have over 1 million subscribers.
Tati from Glam Life Guru

Tati is elegant and composed ad calm. She does amazing in depth reviews on new products and new launches, she also has got a couple of series on her channel. OMG Tuesday, where she test out weird and funky products, WTF! where she does reviews on ridiculously expensive makeup. She also likes to feature a lot of products from one brand and say whether she like it or not called Hot or Not. If you are looking for lots of tutorials and “how-to’s”, this channel is not for you. 

+ / – 1.9 mil subscribers

Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn is full of life and always looking on the bright side, she is real with her viewers and the queen of beauty. Her content include lots of tutorials where she tries to make it wearable and do-able for her viewers and other is just for entertainment value. Other content include reviews, haul, Q&A’s, Launches of new products and not limited to, but cool and funky challenges.

Follower count : 3.35 million

Nikkie Tutorials

Nikki is funny and naughty and hilarious. Her talent amazes me every time I watch one of her videos. Hats off to you if you can recreate her looks, but she is so much fun to watch. When you watch her videos you will see the following; Obviously tutorials – awesome tutorials, hauls, monthly faves and challenges. She also collaborate with other Youtubers from time to time.

Her channel recently hit 4 mil subscribers and its reaching almost 5 mil as I’m writing this post.

Estee Lalonde

Estee is such a real person, she is witty and open on her channel. Asleighn he boyfriend also feature from time to time. Watching her channel you will find easy makeup tutorials, a little bit of baking, lifestyle bits, fashion and hair videos. She also has got a vlog channel and her boyfriend also has his own channel.

Be part of her 1.2 million followers.

Makeup Geek

Marlena is the creator of the Makeup Geek cosmetics line. Her eye shadows is phenomenal and I wish I owned more of them. She is hard working and beauty is her passion. She is a women that battles with the same things we as ordinary women struggle and is not afraid to mention or talk about it. Her videos include launching of her new products as well as other brands, tutorials and a while back she even did some makeup teaching.

Her channel ah got 1.35 mil subscribers.

These are only but a few of the bigger Youtubers that I follow, be sure to check back on the blog next month when I feature some of the smaller Youtubers I enjoy watching.

Let me know who you like to watch ad recommend them in the comments below.

Love ya

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  1. LOL I am already subscribed to all three those channels. This post is the start to my series featuring some of the bigger channels. in few weeks I'll do a post with my smaller channels.

    Hope you come check it out as well.

    Thanks for visiting my friend.

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