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Review : 2 in 1 Eye Shadow & Liner

11 September 2016
I love Essence as a cosmetic brand, they keep up with trends, their packaging is adorable and their products are really affordable. These 2 in 1 Shadow and liner chubby sticks are my favorite product of them at the moment. They are beautiful and so long wearing. I have included them in my Womens day giveaway here, I am also planning on including them in an international giveaway. 

Packaging – The best feature of the packaging is the twist up end, this ensures that you can use as much of the product as you do not loose some of the product when you have to sharpen the chubby stick. The cap also makes a clicking sound when it’s locked into place that will ensure it stays on tightly. 

Application – You can use this straight from the pencil to your eyes or you can apply it with a brush. I find the brush does not deposit the color as rich as when you use it straight from the tube. When used like a pencil, it’s very creamy and applies like a dream. I have to admit getting into the inner corner is a bit tricky, but nothing that is not manageable

Staying power – Now, let’s first talk about my eyes before we talk about the staying power. I have extremely oily lids. When I say oily I mean nothing, not even powder holds up if I do not prime my lids properly. These are the same. They will crease within the first hour if I do not set my lids. Then the next step, after you have applied this cream shadow, I found that I have to put a powder over to lock it in otherwise guess what – it WILL crease! The way I use it, I prime my eyes then I use this all over and set it again with a power to lock it in. When used this way it will last on my eyes for days on end. It still looks like when I applied it at the end of the day if I follow these steps.   

Feeling – Even though it feels like one needs to take a million steps to get this locked in, it still feels light on the eyes. It does not move around at all during the day but when you look closely, like in-my-face closely you will be able to see that it is a little bit patchy but you will need a trained and and be extremely close to notice.

Color Range – There are 6 colors in this range. A bronze, peach, light pink, blue, black and a plum color. I am spuriously considering getting the other three colors as well. They are gorgeous and work like a bomb. 

Where to find – You can find these at Click an Dis-Chem and some bigger Pharmacies that stock Essence. Red Square and their online store also stock Essence. 

Pricing – You can pick these up for R60 each and that is very reasonable when you consider their performance. Thinking of it, I might even pick up some backups just in case they get discontinued.
Have you tried these before? What is your thoughts on them? Let us know in the comments below.

Love ya

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  1. Hi there, Thank you for popping in. They are so worth it. When I set them like I mentioned in the post, they honestly do not move.

    Hope you enjoy them as much as what I am đŸ™‚

  2. I always thought that I'm the only one who sets certain eyeshadows with powder! I also have very oily eyelids, but together with the primer, it seems to do the trick. Very nice review Melanie! xx

  3. Hi my friend, Thank you for stopping by.

    Setting my shadows is vital in my routine, otherwise soon after application I have one big mess on my lids.

    Glad you enjoyed my review đŸ™‚

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