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Review : Essence Gel Liner

29 September 2016
Looks like this month has been all about Essence. I bought so many new Essence goodies that I wanted to try out and post the reviews. Their products are extremely affordable and most of them are so worth every cent. Finding a good liner is like finding a good bra. It will support you right through the day and make you feel comfortable and sexy.
Packaging – A typical kohl liner with a gel formula. It’s a pencil that needs sharpening (a bit of a bummer). I am not too fond of the cap, it can come off very easy after some use, but up to now I have not experienced it yet. The writing on the packaging is funky and sleek and it’s quite a long pencil, longer than the normal or the ones that I am used to.

Application – The formula is great! It glides on like a dream and is extremely soft and creamy. There is no tugging at the lids and even in the waterline, in fact even the upper waterline its comfortable enough to use it on. Even when it’s not sharpened it still is comfortable enough on the lids, cause it is slim but when the pencil gets too dull it’s then that you need to make a plan. 

Staying Power – This pencil is super long wearing! I find it very weird, cause it is so creamy and so easy to apply but it lasts ALL day long. Usually liners disappear instantly in my water line, but it would seem that this one lasts. I have also been using it on my top lash line and it looks gorgeous. So many people compliment me on my eyes even when I’m just wearing this liner and some mascara. It’s quite bold even it looks a bit dark in the pictures.
Color Range – There are 6 colors in this range (black, grey, brown, green, blue and turquoise). I would love it if there was a purple as well. Isn’t the names of the colors just too darn cute, very fitting right?These pencils are truly great and I am sure that I will have the full range soon.

Where to find – You can find these everywhere where you can find the Essence brand. Click and Dis-Chem is the easiest and some larger pharmacies. A few red square stores stock Essence but their online store is usually stocked. You can also stock up from Takealot.

Pricing – These pencils retail for R50 and they are worth every cent. I can not recommend them enough. They are affordable and long wearing yet comfortable! What more would you want from a liner.

Have you tried these before? What did you think of them? If you have not tried it before, is this the type of liner you are interested in?
Love ya

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  1. Strangely enough – I haven't tried Essence liners yet. I do use the occasional Colorpop one , but I'm too lazy to line my eyes. Lol. But since you said they glide on easily I will have to give them a go. xx

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