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Review : Inglot Lip Tint Matte

7 September 2016
I was hovering around the Inglot counter a while back and the sales lady let me play with one of their testers to try out this liquid lipstick. It was love at first sight (swipe). In this post I will give you my thoughts on this lipstick and if it’s worth the high price.

Packaging – Sleek is the first word that comes to mind. The look is minimalist and fit in with the rest of the brand.  A clear tube with a black lid and the branding clearly noticeable on the side. The lid twists off and reveal a standard doe foot applicator. The clear tube allow you to identify easily which color you want to use (if you own more than one color 🙂 )

Applicator – Like I said when the lid get twisted off a standard doe foot applicator is revealed. The tip is quite slim which aids in getting a precise application. I feel the length of the applicator is perfect, just enough length to still have good control of the application. The lid is also very comfortable when holding it when applying this awesome lipstick.

Staying Power – I am sure this is the point that everyone is waiting for. In my experience I found that applying two coats gives you the best result, but I will get into that soon. One coat lasts me about 4 hours, however, if I add two layers I found that it will last the whole day. Even trough eating and drinking. If I add a little bit of balm over the top once it has dried down it does amend the staying power negatively.

Formula – I enjoy the formula. It take a minute or so to dry, but it’s very smooth and easy to work with and it dries down matte. Yes, it is a bit drying on the lips, but not to the point where you want to cut them off. Like I said before, it takes a minute or two to dry down and then you can add a second layer and I find this way it will last longer on the lips. It is very pigmented and has got high coverage. The lipstick smell like cherries and its pleasant if you do not mind scented items.
Feeling – I do find this to be a bit drying, to the point where I want to add some lip balm but that influence the staying power. But then in the same breath I want to say that it is not uncomfortable at all, just a feeling you will have to get use to if liquid lipsticks is not your thing. I do not own a lot of liquid lipsticks but as far as I can tell from watching YouTube and reading up on the products this is one of the more comfortable formulas available.

Color Range – There are 10 colors in this range. They range from neutrals to pink to red, there is even a gorgeous orange that I really want to try. The red is also calling my name very loudly!  I currently own number 16 which is a very good every day color and will suite a lot of skin tones and looks. I want to call it a dusty / mauve pink.

Where to find – You can find these pretty babies at any Inglot free standing stores or some selected Edgars has got a counter. Just a tip, when purchasing from a free standing store you will get a sticker when you spend R4oo and more and I think after the firth sticker you get R200 off our next purchase.

Pricing – These retail for R499. It is a bit steep but I find this worth it. I have nothing like it in my collection and I know that I will get great use out of this. If you are wanting to splurge a bit or you want to spoil yourself and makeup is your thing, this will be a great option.

Have you tried these before? If you have what are our thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

Love ya

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