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Review : Love Box #1

5 September 2016
I have got such a sweet tooth and I love making treats, so when I came across this box, I just had to try it. I talked about it here before. I really have to say well done to Meg! The process of ordering was easy and convenient and effortless, delivery was quick and the goodies was full of awesomeness!!!
Just look at those goodies, oh my word they were amazing and sooo tasty. Meg (if you are reading this, I promise I shared with my husband and he also loved it). The treats are packed so carefully and they look delicious and inviting. I had to put in all my self control not to eat the goodies the moment I got this, I waited until I took the photos.
One of the finer details that I really appreciated was a hand written note. It is so thoughtful and it shows love and care went into each and every box. The box itself is very sturdy and well designed. It fits all the goodies perfectly. 
This is not a subscription box, you have to keep an eye out on their Instagram account (The Counter), they post there when ever they have a new box release. Subscribe to their account even if you do not want to get the box, they have awesome foodie pics that will make you salivate.  

In the above mentioned photo is all their contact details and I am sure if I do my job well enough, you all will be contacting them very soon.

This chocolate chip cookie was deliciou!. It does not taste like any ordinary cookie, it’s the type of cookie that your granny gave you when mom wasn’t looking. It’s a cookie sandwich with a gorgeous chocolate ganache spread in between. Either the ganache or the cookie has got a salty taste, but not overpowering, just enough to enhance the flavor. The ganache in between is soft but well set and not too sweet at all. The biscuit part of the cookie is crunchy but not too hard that it hurts your upper pallet like some cookies do. It soft and easy to break yet deliciously crunchy and the chocolate chip is generous, no flakes that you can barely see under a microscope. Nope, when you get a chip you know it! 

I found this nougat very sweet, but in a good way. There is no way that I can eat this on my own in one sitting. I split it between me and my hubby and I still had to put it down for a while. There is nuts spread generously throughout the bar an they are fresh. We found it easy to eat and it was well constructed. I do not know if I was imagining this but I tasted a fruity taste with a tiny bit of spice, but heads off to the counter it was amazingly balanced.  

Again I think my mind is playing tricks on me. This delicious goodie smells like peanut butter but tastes like marshmallow. This bar is soft and easy to eat, I find it to be spungy (if that is even a word) but not cakey. I do not think I’m explaining this very well, it’s soft like a sponge cake but does not have the texture of cake. The Rice Krispies is magically soft but they have not yet lost their crunchiness. The chocolate at the end was a goo round off to take the sweetness away as it was dark chocolate and again I was tasting a bit of salt. 

Marshmallow is not my favorite sweet and unfortunately this did not float my boat. It was not bad at all, in fact my hubby enjoyed it a lot. I just feel that there is other items in the box that I was more excited about. The marshmallow was encased in dark chocolate that was semi bitter. It was nicely light and fluffy with good aerated bubbles.

Oh my word. Super fudge. Again, I am not huge on fudge, but this was above and beyond my expectations. It is not gritty at all from the sugar but sweet is surely on of the top descriptions I think of when thinking of this fudge. My hubby is a huge is huge on fudge and this was his favorite from the whole box. I shared this with him giving him the “bigger” piece. It is super duper sweet, like a bite or two at a time sweet. Its very indulgent and I would love to buy this for hubby to maybe add to his Christmas gift. On the inside there is pieces of caramel chocolate which just puts this bar up there. Hmmmm

The chocolate brownie was quite large, stunning to pair with a cup of tea or coffee, one can even share this. I think there is dark chocolate involved because it smelled a bit bitter but sweet at the same time, it also did not taste too sweet at all. It was extremely moist in the middle and had some sort of choc icing on top that was rather rich but it all worked well together.

This box retails for R250 and I think it makes the perfect gift for someone who enjoys sweet treats. You can order this from the counter from their Instagram account. It is not a monthly box so do keep an eye on their account as that is where they post when these boxes are available. The contents also differ most of the time.

Let me know if you have tried some of their goodies before, what did you think.

Love ya

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