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Unboxing : Belle Box August 2016

14 September 2016
Being subscribed to a subscription box is like getting a Christmas or Birthday Gift every month. The anticipation and excitement is on a next level. I was very lucky to have gotten this box as it was the last one and one of the items is such a gem… I still can not believe I got it.

You can visit Belle Box here to order your box. At the moment they do not have a debit order facility but as far as I understand, it will be available soon. This is a super cool box to me as it is not just a makeup or skincare box but rather a lifestyle box. It contains a little bit of everything.

Let me show you what we got in the August Box.

Who does not like a nice cup of cappuccino and a cookie? These hug in a mug is the newest and latest in the world of instant cappuccino. I myself have worked my way through a couple of the blue box. It is the vanilla flavor and my current favorite. There are 6 flavors all together.

Now the cookies did not even survive the first hour. I devoured them at the office soon after I signed for my package with the courier guy. They were so delirious! Sweet like a treat but reminded me of a very thin rusk, a smooth rusk.

Mijona Lipstick with gloss and Eye shadow Pencil, I have never hear of this brand before and I am excited to try the eye pencil. The lipstick and lip gloss is not a color I would typically wear, but I have a friend that I think this would look gorgeous on. It smells fruity and the consistency of the gloss is quite creamy. 

The pencil looks very promising and I think it will look great with a bronzy smokey eye and the sharpener in the cap is brilliant. When I used this it went on creamy and easily. I see myself getting a lot of use from this liner.

Jewelry I would think is a difficult item in a box to suite as many people as possible. This is a suede choker and not really my style, but I can think of a couple of other uses I can find for this choker.   

Of all the items in this picture I am the most excited for the moisturizing cuticle oil. I have very dry cuticles and I have been looking for a great cuticle oil. Holding thumbs that this will end my search and that I will fall in love.

Zero Below is a balm for aching and inflamed muscles or joints. Something like this is great to keep around the house for those days that “them bones” is acting up especially if one had some sort of fracture or something. The colder weather always seem to bring on some pain from an old injury and this might just be the miracle you need.

The night cream has a strong citrus smell, it’s a thin but rich cream and is said to be moisturizing and hydrating. After this winter it is exactly what my skin needs. It contains organic ingredients and is animal friendly.

Out of the whole box, this is the item I was most excited about. It is a lifetime membership to Aramex Global Shopper. This allows you to shop from overseas websites and have it shipped to the Aramex warehouse. They will then courier it to you and in this process you do not have to pay the exorbitant shipping prices some websites charge. Colorpop will most definitely be my first visit or maybe Makeup Geek… ***(opening my browser and spent a good hour to an hour and a half before finishing this post)***

If you also got a Belle Box, please let me know what you thought of the items.

Love ya

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