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27 September 2016
Fancy that with Candice

This lady is so bubbly and happy-go-lucky. She is a stay at home mom and recently started a mommy channel as well. She does tutorials, reviews, unboxings and other mini series type videos. She posts videos Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. She is consistent, honest and tells you exactly what she thinks of a product without being negative. Her channel is light and to the point. 

Her channel is still rather small at just over 21 000 subscribers.
Bailey B

This is my girl! Her channel is stunning and extremely thorough. She does tutorials, reviews, unboxings, hauls, dupes and many more. What I love most about her channel is how she conducts her videos. She first tries out the products and while she is doing the review she also shows a demo of how the product performs. Bailey post three times a week and I look forward to her videos with anticipation 

Her Channel is almost at 95 000 subs.
Nikkia Joy

This lady is a true Aussie! She is a full time makeup artist and is super talented. Her eye looks leave me swooning and inspired. As most beauty gurus her channel is filled with tutorials, reviews, hauls and many other videos. She posts once a week and boy oh boy does she like her smokey eyes. Nikkia is gorgeous and I find her relaxing to watch, a bit of a energize bunny.

Nikkia’s channel has got just over 116 000 subscribers
Mariah Leonard

I love this girl!! She is real and to the point. When watching her channel you will find hauls, review, tutorials, comparisons and tag posts. She is a breath of fresh air and does not put on a show. I enjoy her channel as there is a good mixture of drugstore and highend. Mariah posts 1 to 2 times a week.

Her channel has grown up to over 230 000 subbies.

Karima McKimmie

Karima is another Aussie and her channel is very imformative. She is very comfortable in front of the camera and is gorgeous. I live out my highend stash through her channel as she features a lot of highend products. There is some drugstore bits as well and she does a lot of collaborations with other YouTubers which is always something different. Here you will find a lot of tutorials, hauls ect but what I appreciate from her is that every now and again she will do a themed tutorial, something like “makeup look and hair style when going for an interview” or “makeup and hair for first day of school”.

When you subscribe you will be part of almost 196 000 subscribers.

Let me know in the comment below who you are watching for some inspiration or aspiration.

Love ya

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