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Review : Catrice Sand Nudes Palette

21 November 2016
I love a “nude” or an “everyday” type of palette! When a fellow blogger suggested we use this in our collaboration, I jumped at the opportunity to add this to my collection. After having had some time to test it, here is my thoughts.

Packaging – I appreciate the clear top that allows you to see through and notice the shades immediately. Yes, I am one of those people that just wants to grab and go and this plays right into my hands. It’s made from hard plastic but it’s made very sturdy and it close shut with a distinctive click. It includes a double ended brush, one side a blending brush and the other a foam shader brush.
Application – First off, I have to say that these shadows are quite sheer at first, especially the first three. The matte colors are very soft and they blend easily, the shimmery shadows are a tiny bit chunkier but still soft and easy to blend. When applying with a brush I do experience a tiny bit of fall out, but that can certainly be overcome by tapping off the excess.
Staying Power – Now these shadows reach the “almost after lunch” mark during the day, and to me that’s okay. Every one in the office saw me and complimented me on my eye look by then. I feel that it also lasts long enough for when you go for a coffee date or a morning event. I also have to mention that I touch my face a lot at the office and that influence the longevity of shadows. Combined with a primer these shadows wear quite well.

Color Range – 
Top photo, left shade : It’s a champagne glitter shade, but the glitters are more like micro glitters. It’s gorgeous enough to use as an inner corner highlight or a brow bone highlight. It is also gorgeous for all over the lid with some liner and loads of mascara when you are going for a “light makeup” look.

Top photo, middle shade : I think I’m going to call this a bone shade / color. This is great for all over the lid and to set my eyeshadow primer, it’s also matte. The pigmentation on this shade is rather non existent and almost the same color as my skin. Not so great for adding to an eye look, but brilliant for preparing your eyes for a sunning look.

Top photo, Right shade : This is another matte shade and I use it in my crease as a transition shade. Again, the pigmentation is not the best but quite okay as a transition color. It softens the next color and suite my skin tone well. I have to mention that you can not really see this color on my skin, but when combined into a look I feel that it does add value to the look

Bottom photo, left shade : The first brown shade, this is more of a sheen shade than a glitter shade. Great for using all over the lid and it’s also stunning when using on it’s own with liner and mascara. The shadow is still quite soft at my touch and still blends well.

Bottom photo, Middle shade : A deep brown shadow. I use this color the day I decide to do a smokey eye with the palette. It creates the perfect outer corner and it’s also very nice to smoke out the lower lash line. It’s a shimmery shade, but I would rather call it a sheen than a glitter.

Bottom photo, right shade : It’s the matte version of the previous shade. You can use this also to smoke out a look, but because this is a matte shade you can also use it as a liner (fill out the lash line or smoke out the lower lash line). I have seen videos on YouTube where they used a dark shade to create a very soft winged liner. I call the challenge 🙂
Where to find – This palette can be found at Clicks and Dischem. Also some Red Square stores of their online store.

Pricing – If I can remember correctly, this palette retails for around the R100 mark

My overall though is this. Every shade has got a function in this palette, some shades are more pigmented than others but the performance if good when looking at the price point. This palette is great for beginners or a high school girl, I think it is also great for someone like me who use this on a day to day basis as an “at work” palette.

If you have tried this palette, let me know what you though of it.

Love ya

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