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Empties : January 2017

9 January 2017
Hi guys, hope you are doing well. I can not tell you how glad I am that I could empty my “empties” box. And the funny story is, I already start filling it again. Empties is one of my favorite videos to watch. It gives me an insight into other people’s skincare routines and it fuels my “want-to-get” list. In this post I will show you all my beauty trash and if I will repurchase.

Johnson’s Baby Powder

You are not seeing double, I actually have finished two bottles in a couple of months. I use it mostly to control oil. Now wait before you judge. Dry Shampoos are amazing and I love using them, but they are so expensive compared to the Baby Powder. Now I have long hair and it is kind of a light brown color, so I can get away with patting away the white cast. I am also trying very hard to not wash my hair every day anymore as it’s not really healthy. So Baby Powder is the next best thing and for me it works perfectly.

Repurchase?  I have upped the size and is using one and have one in my cup board as a backup so YES!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Now this was extremely hyped last year or the year before and with good reason. If you are expecting this cleanser to magically erase your day’s makeup, this product will definitely let you down. I use it to remove most of what is left of my makeup before I start my skincare routine. It removes foundation, eye shadow and normal lip stick. Waterproof mascara and liner is a bit more trickier, but that is why I go in with an oil or a cleansing balm afterwards.  I also use it correct makeup mistakes or to remove swatches. I do not know about you, but most of the times I come back home from the shops my hands (even up my arm sometimes) look like a pink and red cheetah skin. Just remember that this is not a cleanser but rather a makeup remover đŸ™‚   

Repurchase? Already have on in my basket in the bathroom

Hand wash & Bubble bath

Both smelled amazing and worked quite well,  but nothing stood out that will make me run out and go and buy it or recommend it as a holy grail to friend and family. 

Repurchase? I already have replaced these items with other products, but not because the were not good, I just had others in the cup board. 

Avon Senses Shower Gels

These are amazing! They smell gorgeous and as per the picture you can see that I have tried multiple scents. I enjoy them and their scents are quite unique and refreshing.

Repurchase? I have already placed my Avon order that contain three different scents

L’anza Shampoo & Conditioner

I got this combination in a secret box from Retail box and it came at an incredible bargain. I really enjoyed the combination especially the conditioner. Check out my review here. The smell was just so good and amazing and gorgeous and delicious.

Repurchase? It’s quite the splurge combination, retailing at over R300 per bottle. I just feel that although it did well and my hair looked and smelled amazing, I can not justify spending almost R700 on shampoo and conditioner. It did not blow off my socks. 

Milkshake Deep Cleansing Shampoo

I really enjoyed this shampoo. It does not foam alot at all but smells like fresh apples. It’s amazing at clearing out all the build up from dry shampoo (powder in my case) or other hair products

Repurchase? I will not rush to go out and get it, but one day I will repurchase this again.

Personal Care Goodies

I find it very funny that there is only one Mitchum bottle in this post. I swear by this and have been since I was in high school. But I enjoy the unscented one. The others aint bad, I just enjoy the smell of my perfumes more.

The Dove I got in some box and it’s meh. I am so used to my Mitchum that I did not really gave it a try during the day. I did however enjoyed using this at night after I showered.

Oral-B Professional for sensitive teeth. I highly recommend this if you suffer from sensitive teeth. It helped me so much. I always though toothpaste is toothpaste, but this tube is clearly different and should be talked about more!  

Elizabeth Arden Superstart

I can not even begin the explain the love affair that is going on with this product. I think I mentioned somewhere that I am almost willing to hire out my husband to afford this product. It makes my dry patched vanish in this air, it smells lovely and just creates a well prepared canvas. It’s also part of my night routine and I will have to start saving up soon cause my bigger size is almost finished as well.

Repurchase? Hell yes!! I’m already contemplating which bank to rob as this is an expensive affair to have.  

Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream

A lovely day to day moisturizer. Another expensive item but considering it lasted me about a year (using it almost everyday). It’s light weight on the skin but can pack a punch.

Repurchase? Right now I am in the market for a different moisturizer and would appreciated any suggestions in the comments below. 

Amway Vitamins

These are the two daily vitamins I take and I have recently added a third. I think vitamins is a personal preference. Some people believe it’s expensive urine and I tend to agree if you do not listen to your body or look out for the signs, but I firmly believe in a good Omega-3 Vitamin and I found that this is an excellent one.

Repurchase? Yes, on a monthly basis

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel

Again I got this deluxe sample size in a holiday set or something. My jam is gel cleansers. This one is about a 6 out of 10. It slightly dried out my skin but did a spectacular at getting my skin squeaky clean.

Repurchase? Not really

Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub

This is my favorite lip scrub and the popcorn scent is just delicious! I will buy this over and over and over but I got a different scent from a friend and I’m thinking it’s coming close to my favorite.

Repurchase? Yes Yes Yes!!!

Bourjois health balance Unifying Powder

This purchase was brought on by the lovely Amelia Liana. It’s an amazing setting powder and it never made my face looked cakey. On the inside this compact has got a mirror and it allows for easy application but also to apply other makeup like liquid liner and so forth.

Repurchase? Sometime yes

MAC Blush in Dainty

When I look at this blush, for some reason I think “Ballet”. It’s girly and pretty and creates the most beautiful healthy flush. It has got tiny, like microscopic glitter, but it does not really transfer to the skin.

Repurchase? Already did đŸ™‚

Mascaras : 

Wow Purple mascara – was a fun mascara but the quality was not the best.
Gosh Amazing Lengthen Build – This was a great day to day mascara.
Clinique High Impact Mascara – My first holy grail mascara, I have not used this in a very long time but before this is all I believed in. Out of all three this is the only one that I will repurchase one day maybe – too busy trying out new and other mascaras.

Liners :

Revlon Color Colorburst – Well I think that was what it was called. I enjoyed this liner and used it all to the end.
Stila Stay All day Waterproof liquid liner – A brilliant liquid liner that is easy to use and apply but also easy to removed yet it literally stays all day. I already repurchased this and I got it in multiple colors. Stunning!!

Do you like reading empty posts? It always makes me add or rethink something that is on my to-buy-list.
Let me know if there is something that caught your eye.

Love ya

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  1. I love empties – it shows the person actaully used it enough to form an opinion. I love Garnier micellar water, I think it's my most frequent empty. It's so much fun to see what you used .

  2. I love empties posts too! After reading this, I'm keen on the superstart serum, Stila liquid liner and the Bourjois Healthy Mix setting powder. I've heard such good things about Lanza, Im keen to try some of their products too xx

  3. I enjoyed reading empties post which is something that doesn't happen usually! I think I should also be including vitamins in my daily routine. And I agree with you aboyt Garnier Miceller Water.

  4. Really enjoyed this post. I use the Garnier Micellar water regularly and I agree with you; it doesn't remove everything. I usually use it as part of a double cleanse.

  5. I love reading empty post and I loved this one heard so much about the lush popcorn scrub will definitely give that a purchase and your thoughts on the garnier micella water is spot on so similar to what I said in my post regarding it very honest thoughts( Love it!)


  6. Out of all my empties I would suggest the Superstart first. It's a gorgeous products with stunning benefits. Im lookin forward to your thoughts on the L'anza product you got. Mwah

  7. If you have to choose between a daily vitamin and an omega 3, I would suggest you pick the omega 3.

    It's funny how little makeup there usually is in comparison to body and personal carein empties posts

    Thank you for popping in

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