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23 January 2017
Hi guys, if Mondays make you cry a tiny bit as it makes me, (you know that half and hour before you start work and you keep on thinking “why am I here and not in bed”), then I have this haul to cheer you up a bit. I have mentioned in my Dec Haul that I met up with my friend and we went shopping. For two beaut bloggers that was in a mall for almost 6 hours, I dnt think we have done too much damage, it could have been so much worst.

The Bodyshop

At the moment I am using a normal face cloth at night with my skin care regime and I find that it’s still a tiny bit abrasive to my skin. Now the Bodyshop face cloth might be more on the “shammy” side of things (I will have to keep an eye out for this product, and if it’s missing I might find it in the garage with my hubby’s car wash gear) No, just kidding! This luxury facial flannel looks soft and I can imagine that it will get the job done with less “aggression” 

The Bodyshop Ethiopian Hone Deep Nourishing Mask

The best part about this mask was that we split it half and half, and that way we got to purchase two masks. In addition to the honey mask, we also picked up the white labelled tub. It’s called – Chinese Ginseng & rice clarifying polish – what a long name, right? It tones and brightens the skin but it also claims to minimize pores. Whereas the honey mask is a hydrating mask made to sooth and replenish the skin. 

Dr Sole Cracked heel repair cream

The weather was so dry up in Gauteng and Limpopo and my feet were a dry mess. My friend suggested I try this heel cream and put socks on afterwards. She saved my life. 

Human + Kind Deep Cleansing Cloths

Same story here, I am trying some other face cloths to incorporate into my skincare routine and these felt sooo soft. The box on the other hand barely survived the flight back, it got a little bit man handled but the goodies inside is AMAZE-BALLS **spoiler alert**

Smashbox Be legendary Long Wear Lip Laquer in Coral

We we on our way out the door when we stopped and Marne picked up a nail polish. So off we went to the pay points and this is where the FOMO hit me right between the eyes. I ran, got this and paid before you could say “yes please”. Marne said that these were such stunning lippies and that they are worth every cent. I now believe her and need every single shade in the range. The bank manager and myself is still in the negotiation stage đŸ˜‰

Avene Gentle Milk Cleanser

I was on the hunt for a good cleanser that does not dry out my skin and is not soapy. This one came highly recommended and it has not let me down yet. The pump is so easy in the shower and it truly is gentle but does a great job at cleansing.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula

Why does travel sized items always make me think I need them more, just because they are travel sized? Anyway, these were on a 3 for 2 sale and it’s been on my “things-to-test-out” list for quite some time and I finally picked it up.

What goodies would you pick up with your friend? Let me know in the comments below.

Love ya

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  1. This was so much fun, I simply can't wait for next time!
    If we didn't face upcoming January-blues, I'm sure we would've abuse those credit cards đŸ™‚

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