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Haul : December 2016

3 January 2017
Hi guys, Hope you guys are having a super cool Wednesday! Today I am sharing with you all the goodies I got before I went on holiday cause low and behold, there is another haul following this one sometime later this month. I did some shopping while I met up with my friend from Koekelooks. Let me show you what I got.

Essence – Cooling and Relaxing eye pads from the Love.Joy.Care Range

I am not a person who has an eye mask next to their bed come la-la time. So I was quite surprised at myself when this package intrigued me. I find the idea of cooling eye pads extremely interesting, especially on days when my eyes are tired or feels a bit scratchy.

Inglot HD Highlighter Trio

I almost hate the Inglot store as much as I love it, because believe me I will always walk out there with double the amount I wanted to spend. But honestly, their products are amazing and I enjoy using almost everything I have ever bough there. These trio highlighters is no different. I can see myself using them for multiple types of application.  

Inglot Cream Concealer in 35

To be 100% honest, this was given to me as a gift with purchase and if I listened correctly, Inglot is busy phasing out this concealer None the less, a gift is a gift and who can not be thankful for an extra concealer? I doubt that I will do a full review on this concealer as I suspect it will be discontinued soon.

Inglot HD Perfect Coverup Foundation

Now this was the actual reason for me going to Inglot. I was in the market for a matte foundation and this is the one I settled on. What I appreciated most was the sample size I got with this foundation. Yes I did try it out in store and it seemed to match, but how many times have you gotten home only to find out you bought the wrong shade? I got to try this at home and make sure I bought the correct shade.

L.A. Girl Pro BB Cream

I have showcased this BB Cream in multiple monthly favorite as well as other posts (Faves here and here; Hauls here and here and other posts here and here). This was another repurchase and I will keep on repurchase this and when they discontinue it, I will start a petition! That is how much I love this BB Cream, it’s lightweight with just enough coverage.

MAC Strobe Cream

This was a purchase inspired by Le’Chelle (go check out her YouTube Channel here) It is suppose to either create a soft glow when used under your foundation or mixed in. Otherwise it can also be applied to the high points of your face and create a subtle highlight.   

Essence Make Me Brow

I have heard and read all over the internet about this product. I am more of the natural type of brow kinda girl and I thought this might be right up my alley. Not only does it add some color to your brows, but it also makes them stay in place. I am excited to see what this product has to offer.

L’Occitane Hugs & Kisses 

After reading this post from Marne over at Koekelooks Blog I so badly wanted to try out their products. Problem is that my budget does not allow for these kind of luxuries – maybe one day I’ll be able to purchase a full size product. I grabbed the opportunity when they brought out their holiday sets. Hand cream and lip gloss that smell like a sophisticated rose garden. Looking forward to testing out these products and hoping that it is worth the high price. 

What goodies did you scratched off your wanting list? Let met know in the comments below or leave me a link to your blogpost.

Love ya

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  1. You're so sweet, our mini shopping trip was so much fun, can't wait for the next time!
    I really want MAC's strobing cream, I've eyed it for almost two years now. I think you just convinced me to just do it and go and get it.
    I relly hope that you enjoy the L'Occitane products, they really sound lovely and their gift sets are usually amazing xx

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