Movies : The ones I am looking forward to

19 January 2017
A Dog’s Purpose

The story is about a dog who finds his meaning to life by teaching his owners how to love and laugh and live. He is around when they need him the most and from the trailer this story has got a heart gripping turn of events. 

Out of all the movies I mention in this post, this is the one I’m looking forward to the most.

A Monster Calls

From the trailer this seems to be a very intense movie. It’s about a boy who is dealing with hard things in life, a sick family member, a difficult family member and some pesky problems at school. In the midst of all this he makes a very unconventional friend who guide him to find courage and the truth.
Beauty and the beast

We have all heard and seen this story a 1000 times, but it will never get old. A beautiful girl go in search of her father and gets taken prison by a beast. The enchanted yet “different” house staff members charm Belle and she learns to look past the beast’s appearance and see into his soul and see a whole different man.
LA LA Land

I did not know Emma Stone could sing. Anyway the movie is about two strong individuals who fight for their passion. Unfortunately their drive and passion is what put a strain on their relationship and ultimately split them apart. Basically your typical love story, only with lots of singing and some dancing.

It’s about a boy who gets lots on a train, driving thousands of miles in India. He gets separated from his family and learn how to survive on his own until he gets adopted by a couple. 25 Years later he is determined to find his family despite all the set backs and obstacles.

What movies are on your list to go and check out, and which ones would you recommend that is not on my list?

Love ya

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  1. Beauty and beast is the best family, fantasy, musical film directed by my favorite director Bill Condon. I was eager to watch this movie and now i can say you will surely love this movie. Watch movie online or you can upload the videos and must share your views regrading this movie.

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