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Review : Elizabeth Arden Flawless Start Instant Perfecting Primer

11 January 2017

Hi guys, hope you are all doing well. After the festive season and all the sun and terrible (but oh so good and delicious) eating, one’s skin need some help, right? Even without any bad but delicious food or endless fun in the sun, all that we are after is younger looking, radiant skin. Amen! In the search for a miracle product like such, this gem came up for review. In this post I’ll tell you exact what I thought of it.

Packaging – The gold top is part of Elizabeth Arden’s signature. It screams luxury and quality. The tube is similar to their double wear foundation packaging and is sleek and extremely functional. The opening is just big enough to get enough product out, but not too big to know some will go wasted. I am interested to get to the very last bit of the product to see how I get every last drop from the tube.

Formula – I am going to try my best to describe the formula. This primer has got a silky, balm-ish lightweight feeling. When you squeeze a bit out, it is the color of skin, but when you start blending the product (Oh that is another point, it blends like a dream, but I will get to that in a minute) it goes translucent and sets 100% in about 60 seconds. Now what I love most about the EA Primer is the blank canvas it creates. It fills my pores, blur fine lines, smooth out light texture and allow my foundation to just glide on. It sounds like a miracle product right?

Application – I use the tools that our Heavenly Father gave us. My Fingers! You only need the amount of half a pea size to cover the nose, forehead and cheeks and I even spread it out to the chin. It blends effortlessly and its no hussle at all. You will discover that if you use too much at once it will feel oily and crumble a bit under your fingers. I would suggest rather use less than you think you need, than to use too much and not achieve the greatness it can bring. 

Longevity – I do concur that my foundation stays longer, it also looks fresher for longer, meaning my face does not eat my foundation as quickly or as much as usual. Imagine this for a moment. The Elizabeth Arden Primer, your favorite foundation a bit of powder to set it and viola! A match made in heaven.

Color – It is amazing how this primer blends into absolute transparency, but leaves behind the most perfect skin to create a gorgeous look that come across as flawless and lasts all day (depending on some of the products you use and your skin type).

Skin Type – Talking about skin type, this primer is said to be formulated for all skin types and I can see why.  It does not dry down leaving my skin feeling like it’s about to peel of my face, but it also plays well with my moisturizer and a serum, if I feel I need one on certain days. If you have oily skin, I can see how this might work for you in certain areas. Because it dries down to a silky feeling – man it feels like there is nothing on your skin except a layer of a baby’s bum. Yes I went there and that is why it will work for even oily skin.

Dupe –  The closest I could match this primer to an item in my collection was the Benefit Pore-Fessional. They feel, look and perform very similar and if I’m not mistaken they even might be in the same price range.

Price – Man, this post is flowing so smoothly from one point to the next. It retails for around R365 at most retailers as mentioned in the next point. 🙂

Availability – You can find this gem at Truworths, Focshini, Red Square, Woolworth, Edgards as well as these retailers online stores.

Conclusion – I love this primer, it suites my skin well and it provides the perfect preparation for for an appearance to be comfortable in. I would recommend this to my friends and family and their friends and family.

Have you tried this primer yet, or any primer you want to mention? Leave a link to your review or your thoughts in the comments below.

Love ya

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