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Review : Estee Laurder Advanced Night Repair

6 January 2017
Hi guys, how is the first week of 2017 treating you? I have mentioned recently on Twitter that I do not feel like I belong but it might also still be the vacation vibes that are doing the talking. Who wants to be at the office when you can enjoy a good movie with some chocolates in bed.

Now I needed some extra help this week to look a bit refreshed (even after I had a super relaxing holiday) and add some brightness to my skin. Unfortunately this is a item with a steep price tag, but in this post I will let you know if it is worth it or not.

Packaging – The bottle is made from a very sturdy plastic that come across looking a lot like a glass jar. Although it’s a dark brown color you can still see through it and kind of gage when you should start saving for the next bottle. (start Googling “how to make lots of money and fast”) The pipette is a screw in top, this ensures that the bottle is closed correctly and no product will be wasted unnecessary.  I find that the gold top just add to the luxury feeling and it’s my mind’s way to add some justification on the price tag. So gold top goes on the “Pro” side of my list.

Applicator ?? – Now let us discuss the pipette… I am having a love hate relationship with the pipette. Maybe I am just some fool who cannot master the act of using it correctly but (do not judge!) The moment I release some pressure on the back end, the front end get stuck to my face.* Thank you so much for gliding effortlessly over my face and spreading the product evenly – NOT!! * and do not tell me in the comments below it’s a law of nature kinda thing, I know đŸ™‚ 
But on the other hand the pipette picks up just enough product for my entire face and it also allows me to pick up the same amount of product with each use. I could not have thought of a better application tool for this serum
(Another “pro” to go onto the list đŸ™‚

Formula – It is a thin (not watery) formula that gets absorbed into your skin extremely quickly. It’s thin enough to spread easily, but not too thin that it runs down your face while applying. I find that there is no oiliness or a greasy feeling to my skin afterwards. The smell leans more towards a herbal kind of smell an in the begin it was something to get use to but now it does not bother me at all and the smell dissipates very quickly. Applying a thin layer of the Advanced Night Repair serum before you put on your foundation, makes life so much easier. Especially when using a foundation with a matte finish. 

Size – You get a 30ml and a 50ml and I think recently a 75ml was also available (but please do not hold me to it, I speak under correction) Now when you use this in the morning to put under your foundation (if you are like me, and have some parts of our face that can look like the Sahara) and you use it at night as a moisturizing serum this will not last you very long. 

Do not get me wrong, the product is fantastic and it provides so much moisture and all around goodness to your skin. Heck I’ll bath in this serum if I could! But the price tag is a bit steep, which brings me to my next point.

Price – The 30ml retails for R765 and the 50ml for R1055. Like I always say, the bigger you buy, the more economical it becomes but… met eish ja! 

My conclusion is this; it is an amazing serum to have in your routine! Save up, purchase when there is a promotion running cause this makes a huge difference to my skin in general. It’s said to be suitable for all skin types and I can agree with that. 

Let me know in the comments below if this is something you have tried before or would love to try in the future and if you have tried it, what your thoughts were.

Love ya

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  1. This has been on my wishlist since forever. After using a 7ml sample size I am hooked, thanks to you! Next time Red Square runs a promotion, I'm definitely purchasing this. Thanks for a great review xx

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