Giveaway : Lush Valentines Day Collection

5 February 2017
Valentines day is just around the corner and all the shops are putting out their valentines day stock. This also means limited editions! Mr Hubby took me to go and see a movie the other dy and I dragged him all the way to Lush to pick up some V-Day limited edition goodies and then I picked up some more to do a giveaway with.

Ladybird Bubble Bar

Is this not just the cutest!!! You can crumble this under running water and the peppermint oil will create a sense of upliftment. I love Lush bubble bars as they create a ton of bubbles and you can cut the bars to get more than one use from it. 

Lover Lamp Bath Bomb

This is just so Valentines appropriate!!! It has vanilla absolute and Brazilian orange oil with cocoa butter hearts. Oh my word, when I see this, I just want to go and run a bath and stay there all day. These bath bombs are so luxurious, and I will splurge every now and then when buying these, and pop the whole thing in the bath. No second use or a little for later, NO! This combination sounds so amazing. 

Love Spell Massage Bar

Their massage bars are the best!  This bar contains rose hip syrup and carnation absolute. I can just this think of the type of “spoils” that can go around when this bar gets involved in your valentines day planning. You can be on the receiving end or the giving end of a lovely massage 🙂 

These are all the items that form part of the giveaway. I have made entering the giveaway very simple, click on any of my social media links below (I have pinned my post at the top for convenience) and tag a friend who you think would be interested to also enter the giveaway. This giveaway is only open for South African residents.  Winner will be announced on Valentines day and the giveaway ends midnight of 13 Feb.

Hope you have a super special Valentines Day, but most of all remember that you are special and that you are responsible for your own happiness. Self love is the most important of them all.

Love ya

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  1. The lady bug is my favorite too and then the massage bar.
    I love Lush limited editions and there are a few permanent stock that I purchase over and over again and again.
    What is your favorite product from the permanent stock?

  2. There's nothing more relaxing than to pamper yourself with some LUSH Goodies. The lover lamp bath bomb seems very interesting, since i love the smell of oranges.

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