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Haul : January 2017

3 February 2017
Do not let this picture fool you, a lot of these goodies were bought mostly in December, but because we went away for holiday I took photos early and that is why some of these goodies are now part of the January haul. I mean what type of a haul would it be if there is just a lip liner, liquid liner and a scrub? Anyhow, let’s get into this post

Dr Paw Paw Multipurpose soothing balm

I saw this all over social media and some beauty gurus has mentioned it in their videos as well. Obviously this intrigued me and I just had to pick one out of the three colors to try. Out of all three, this one seemed to be the most versatile one. Guys! I am not so sure about this product, not sure if I got a dud or if I’m using it wrong… Some (and by some I mean ALOT) of testing still needs to be done to come to a definitive conclusion.

Essence Stay All Day 16h long-lasting makeup

This is another product that is all over the SA social media. It smells so gorgeous, very floral, but it dissipate rather quickly after application. The pump on the bottle is a huge positive and I am hoping and holding my thumbs that this is a new holy grail, or even just good for every day wear.

Mac Pigment in Rose

I could not find this pigment on MAC’s website so I am not sure if this is part of their permanent range. The packaging (box, not the pot) however is part of their holiday set, and might I add “What a great holiday set.” MAC has really out done themselves this year. The packaging,  diversity of the sets and the products were just really great!

MAC Huggable Lip Color in Fashion Force

If I can remember correctly, I was waiting to meet someone and had to kill some time, so I popped into the MAC store and walked out with this lippie. It’s like the lippie begged me to take her home and who am I to deny such a beautiful lippie, so I just had to get it. What a gorgeous color and the formula is extremely comfortable.

L.A. Girl Lipliner in Mauve

I am sure that this is one of the first lip liner color every girl buys. It is a gorgeous everyday color and I have seen it a million times in store and kept telling myself that I have a color like that at home. Well I cave and picked it up. It’s a stunning color and I am sure, no! I know I will get lots of use from this lip liner.

Essence Lashes to Impress

I do not think that I have the worst lashes in the world, but they sure can use some help every now and again and I am hoping that these half lashes will be just the help they need with minimal to no effort. I suppose that the art to putting on these lashes lay in the practice stage.

Essence Liquid Ink Eyeliner in waterproof

Everyone on social media is talking about this product and I finally gave in and picked up this liner to see what the hype is about and if it truly is worth all the attention it is getting. From looking at the wand / brush I am pretty excited to test it. I hope that the formula is awesome and that it lasts all day.

Beauty Treats Sugar Lip Scrub

My current favorite lip scrub is the ones from Lush, they work so well and taste even better. I was queuing at Dis-Chem the one day and came across this scrub and wondered if all sugar scrubs work the same. So I popped this into my basked to put that theory to the test. Somewhere on Social media I saw another blogger post a photo with this scrub in it, so it would seem that there is more people than just me that might be wondering the same thing.

Cosmic Options Hair Ties

I am head over heels for my Invisabobbles, and for more than a year now I have used nothing else. The other day I came across these and wondered how they compared to the invisabobbles. I am planning on putting them to the test against each other. Would you guys be interested in a post like that?

MAC Nut Cracker Holiday Collection

These I actually picked up middle of Dec but for some reason they were included in this post, do not ask me how that happened. I am not sure if the pigments are part of the permanent normal stock, but the lipstick definitely are. The colors is Whirl, Nouvelle Vouge, Kinda Sexy and Creme Cup (not in the formation as shown in the picture) they all are “everyday” “natural” colors. Even the pigments (yes, the purple one too – it’s a lot more toned down when lightly applied) can pass for an everyday look. This year MAC killed it with their limited sets and it almost made me bankrupt, I had to have a good talk to myself – (after losing the battle with the bank manager 😉 ) 

What goodies jumped into your basket this month? Let me know or leave a comment to your post, would love to hear or check it out and add to my list.

Love ya

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  1. Great Haul! I love LA girl I haven't purchased anything from them in ages their permanent lip pencils are divine will definitely get this pencil the colour is beautiful also I need to check out some of macs products again the lipsticks looked really good.


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