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8 February 2017
Hi guys, today we have a very different post, not beauty related but puppy related. My puppy is soon turning two, I guess that makes her an adult dog (but just like in the movie Father of the bride, she will always be my puppy) Just a tiny bit of back ground. I am not sure if I mentioned this before on my blog but Milo was born deaf. We discovered it quite quickly after we got her and I was heart broken for about two days, we took her to our vet and he told us that she will adapt and can live a normal happy life.

If you meet Milo and do not know she is deaf, you will not notice. Only once you want her to follow or submit to a command you will notice that she does not listen or react. This only means that we had to find a different way to communicate with Milo. She is a happy go lucky doggy that enjoys playing with balls, oh my word, any shape or size. She is very sensitive to light / shadows and can smell you (or her birth day present) from a mile away. One thing that I am very grateful for, is that my mom got to meet and receive some of Milo’s love before she was taken too soon. My mom would cuddle with Milo everyday when she visited me in Oct 2015, they adored each other.

In this post I want to share the goodies I got her for her birthday, a bit about chipping your beloved four legged friend and a fun flow chart. I got all her goodies from Vet’s Mart

Medium Size Tyre

This is Milo’s second (no, third) tyre if you include the small size she had as a real puppy. This provide her with hours (well as long as I or the hubby can hold out) of playtime. From catch to tug-of-war, even hide-and-go-seek. 

Treat dispensing ball

When I saw this I immediately knew it will be a hit. The middle is filled with a plastic holder (that our furry friend can not get hold of) and it has a hole at the top that can dispense a treat every now and again. This is brilliant!

Commander Mork
Milo is extremely hard on soft toys, simply for the reason that as a puppy she was not taught by the rest of the litter that when something is soft, you should usually bite softer. As a deaf puppy she can not hear the cries when her bite is too hard. But this toy is made from an extremely durable denim type material that can withstand some of the “brute force” but unfortunately not the claws. This toy will have to be played with under supervision LOL!

I know this might not be the healthiest option, but it is all that distracts my little busy body. With us being at the office all day she can be quite demanding once we get home or when we have people over. The hooves is a nice way of keeping her occupied (unless she chows this while laying on top of you and yes, she does sometimes get away with doing that).

This is the most important part of my post. On the pink tag is our contact numbers as well as the word deaf. This will let anyone know (in the case of her getting out of the yard) who they can contact and that she is deaf. The orange tag however is more important to me. This tag is to alert people, anyone who may find her that she is chipped. What this means is that you can take her to a vet and let them scan her. This integrated system will have all our contact information stored on the chip and we can be notified of where she was found or kept. 
I can not stress enough how important this is and how useful it can be. The process is painless and quick and registration is also quite easy. All you need to do is take your pet to the vet, they will inject the chip at the base of their neck and then register all your details. This process is around R450 (I wish I could arrange for a free chipping voucher). I encourage everyone who is reading this post to consider chipping their animals and to keep this in mind when you do come across a stray animal. They might not wear a tag, but could very well be chipped. Locating the animal’s family is as easy as taking them to any vet (most vets do have the equipment) and let them be scanned. 
I plead again to consider this and then I want to remind you to take care of your pet’s environment. Make sure that there is no openings in the fence, dangerous objects in the yard and take care when opening gates and doors.

Flow Chart

A while back PuppySpot sent me this flow chart and I had so much fun to match my friends and family with their breed of dog – and in some cases a fish was the better option. Please enjoy the flowchart created by the PuppySpot team and let me know in the  comments below which breed suites your personality.
For all my American readers please visit the PuppySpot website. They are a company that help responsible breeders and caring individuals find middle ground when it comes to adopting puppies. They also specialize in designer puppies. Please feel free to contact them with any queries    
It was recommended that I own a Greyhound, Golden Retriever, Boston Terrier or a Beagle. I would think that Milo being a Jack Russle Terrier fit in great with that group. When adopting a puppy be mindful that that tiny ball of fur will eventually be a full grown dog. Make sure that you are ready for the responsibility of raising a dog and caring for your four legged friend as you would for a baby. Take in consideration the space you live in and the size they will grow up to be. Another point to keep in mind is your lifestyle, if you are never home or even only seldom take that into consideration. They also need attention, love and care for their personalities to shine through.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post and that you will look differently at a stray dog. Let me know in the comments below what dog or cat breed you own and how old they are.

Love ya

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  1. So cute!! I'd love to tell you what dog I own but we genuinely don't know what she is. Kind of a rescue situation but we were told she was Shitzu and Scottie Dog….no chance….now she is fully grown she's more like a Sheep-a-doodle! We googled the breed and it looks just like Cassie 🙂 She's on my instagram though if you'd like to see what she looks like!! @beautyandtheballroom x

  2. She is gorgeous, I especially love the photos where she is trying to open the sweetie jar. To me it does not matter which breed they are, there is no better friendship like you will find in a pup. Hope she brings you lots of love and joy.

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