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Review : NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

6 February 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog and if you are new, thank you for stopping by. Now who does not like a long lasting lipstick? Every morning I do my makeup before work and soon after application my lipstick will be gone – vanished!! So today I will share with you my thoughts on the NYX Lip Creams.
Packaging: A standard tube with a doe foot applicator, but the lid has got a very slight rubber feeling to it. Its easy to open but does seal closed nice and tight. The name is at the bottom of the tube and the color of the tube is very close to the color it translates onto your lips.

Applicator : The doe foot applicator is as standard as can be, no special shape or size so you know exactly what to expect. I find that the applicator is perfect for my lips and allow application to be easy and precise. I also think that the formula leans to the ease of the application.

Formula : The texture of this lip cream is gel like and mousse-y. It has got a real good slip to it for about half an hour before it dries down MATTE. Really matte. If you have dry, cracked lips this is not going to work for you. Otherwise you might pull off the look. Now I am not sure how I feel about the this. Yes it feels dry but not uncomfortable, however, every now and again I’ll add some lip balm once it dried down. This takes away from the longevity but it prevents my lips from looking like dried out prunes. All in all, if you have dry lips, you might not like this otherwise it is a good lippie

Staying Power : The brown and coral color lasts about 3 – 4 hours and the pink one lasts about 4 – 5 hours. Food or drinking proof – meh, not too bad but greasy food is a big no no, (so is kissing your puppy all over) LOL

Color Range : The color range is great according to the clicks website. I stopped counting after 12 shades. Problem is that in store they are always very finely spread. Well at least the ones I go to, so far Canal Walk is the best stocked store. The colors range from nudes to pinks to dark colors and a couple of reds as well.

Where to find : Clicks and Clicks online is your best bet to find these lippies. 

Pricing : They retail for R120 in store and online.

Conclusion : This product is not meant for dry and cracked lips. Lasting power is medium-ish. It will get you from 8am to lunch and after reapplication it will get you to home time after work. Pricing is relatively good and the shade range is excellent. You will most likely find more shades online than in store (Clicks) unless you are lucky enough to live in Gauteng, then you can visit the free standing store that is fully stocked.

If you have tried this lippie, let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

Love ya

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  1. I am lucky enough to live in Gauteng lol , but these NYX lippies don't seem like something I will like. I LOVE the butterglosses though … But then again I have sensitive lips that like to freak out for no reason. The colours are pretty awesome though.

  2. I so badly wanted to like these, but I just didn't. I tried the Monte Carlo one (I love a good red lipstick), but it just clung to every dry spot and then faded in such a weird way. I love their matte lipsticks though. Please check out my blog for funny product reviews and leave a comment if you can!

  3. Milan, the pink one is my fave at the moment. You will either love these or hate them, I have not read a review that fell in the middle. It was either great or terrible. Hope that you do like them should you try them.

  4. I am very glad that you enjoy these. Tell me are you going to go bold and get a red color next, or are you more of a natural girl going for a nude? Milan is my fave at the moment out of the three.

  5. I think I am in love with these three colours. I am so definitely going to get me some next week and I will be sure to share my thoughts. I feel like I will fall in love with these lol

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