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2 March 2017

Happy Friday beauties and today I have a fun post for you guys. This will be the first of a whole new series. Every month when I purchase my Goeie Huishouding Magazine this is the first page I turn to. I love the idea that they showcase products that are amazing and affordable at the same time. Now I picked up a few products from the list / page and others were already in my collection. In this post I am going to share with you my thoughts on the products I chose to review from the magazine page.

Dr Paw Paw Tinted Peach Pink Balm

This is a very versatile product that can be used on your lips, skin, hair and cuticles. The Dr Paw Paw balm does not really have a smell to it and the color dissipates quite quickly leaving behind a clear to slightly tinted color. It does not have a greasy feeling when used as a cuticle balm and works wonders as a lip balm. I feel that it not only hydrates my lips, but it also gives it a shine that makes it look a bit plumper.

I tried it as a blusher (as it states it can be used for beauty finishing) but it was a complete fail, way too oily for my combination skin. It unfortunately also did not work for my thin and fine hair, as it can very easily look dirty and oily. But if you suffer from very dry hair, I think this will be an amazing product, you can also try to use it to keep those fly aways at bay.

This product has launched recently in South Africa and I feel it’s worth checking out as you get a “multitasked” product at only R95 available at Dis-Chem

Freeman Beauty Infusion Revitalizing Peel-Off Mask

Only recently have masks become a “thing” for me and when I saw this as one of the products I immediately knew I wanted to pick this up and try it. Unfortunately the Dis-Chem I visited did not stock the exact same one as on the page but the whole range of Freeman Beauty Infusion are all infused with serums. I picked up the Pomegranate + Peptides mask and it is something different to most masks that I have used.

I have been applying the mask with a flat foundation brush, as I find it less messy and more presise. You have to work fast as it sets quite quickly. You leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes and then you peel the mask off. Now keep in mind that if you apply a thick layer, it will not dry in time and it can hurt your skin. If you do not work quickly with the liquid, it starts to set / clog on the brush. But believe me you will soon find the middle, the “just right” rhythm and then this is a gorgeous product.

It is so interesting as it literally forms a shiny mask on your face when its completely dry and you can peel it off and it leaves behind a soft and radiant looking skin. I do however think that this is a type of product that you have to use on a longterm basis to really see a huge difference as it claims to refine pores, but my skin feel soft and thankful after using this mask and I am dying to try the Honey one shown in the magazine. I can just imagine the hydration you can get from it.

These masks retail for R149 and I feel that this is the going rate for “drugstore” masks. 

Inspiring EyeShadown Palette by L.A. Girl

I know it’s a different color than the one on the magazine page – I did not have the magazine with me at the time of purchase but I am glad I picked this one up. I have mentioned before that I am not afraid to use colorful eyeshadows and this palette is really something out there. It is not something for the faint of heart or the “everyday neutral” type of girl. I really set myself a challenge with this palette. 

There are six colors in total, four colorful shadows, a highlighter and a liner / smoker. Now, right off the bat I can say that these shadows are saturated with pigment and they can pack a punch! Do approach this palette with caution and at your own peril… All jokes aside, I have not experienced too much fallout and the shadows blended extremely well. Testing these shadows I have used these shadows with- and without priming my eyelids. Needless to say that they lasted longer and stayed true to color longer on my primed eyelids.

The only downfall for me are that the black shade has glitter in it. Although its fine and can be tapped off the brush I believe that a matte black color would have elevated this palette. The other shadow related issue is that there is not a color in here to ground the palette. By this I mean that you will only use this palette when you want to add color to an eye look or you will have to reach for a transition color when doing your eye makeup. You will almost never be able to use only palette all by itself, there will always be something missing. Now the last thing on my “meh” list is the packaging. Do not get me wrong, the tin idea is genius and different and I love it, oh and the fact that it’s got a mirror is brilliant. I just had the unfortunate event that the tiny steel rod at the back that is keeping the lid and the bottom together came loose and now its a battle to keep the case from not falling apart.

But at R120 per palette I think this is a stunning purchase and I will keep on enjoy using it. Also available from Dis-Chem and be sure to check out the other shades. I do speak under correction but I think there is 5 or 6 different shade tins.

Yardley London Blusher – Love in the Mist

I am such a blush junkie! I could not resist picking up this blusher, it had to come home with me and is this color not just everything! Its the perfect color for Spring and Summer to add something spectacular to any look. It’s a powder blush and again very pigmented, but it blends away to a beautiful natural flush. For some reason my face eats foundation and powder products, but I have noticed that this blusher lasts a lot longer than most of my other blushers. This peachy color is just perfect for my skin tone and can be paired with almost any eye look as is its a very natural color. I enjoyed this formula so much, that I am considering picking up more colors from the range.

At R130 it’s more of a middle of the road type of blush for me as there is some other bands that have products at a lower price, but it is still value for money and if you are in the market for a new blush I will highly recommend this range.

If you like this type of post, please let me know in the comments below if you want to see more of them in the future.

Love ya

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