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13 March 2017
Hi guys, hope you all had a good weekend. Today I am sharing all the products I use when I need to get ready in 5 mins top. So many of these products have been featured in monthly favorites and other blogposts and I have included links to those blogposts in this one. 
This post is a collaboration with Jessica Lee van Staden from Just a City Girl, please go and show her some love. 

L.A. Girl Pro BB Cream

This is such a staple in my collection. I have featured it in hauls herehere and here, I have also featured it in a “whats in my bag” post here. And I can not leave out the multiple monthly favorite posts it featured in, check it out here, here and here. And then the last post I want to mention is the one where I showed my favorite products from each category and this BB Cream was featured again here. As you can see this BB Cream is much loved and rightly so. It evens out my complexion and is light weight on the skin. I feel its moisturizing but it gets the job done.

Bourjois healthy balance setting powder

This product has also been around on the blog for a couple of posts, a haul, A favorites post and an empties post. I have first seen this on Amelia Liana’s Youtube channel and she loved this powder. It sets my foundation without looking caked and its easy to apply.

MAC Warm Soul

I have chosen this blush because it pulls a bit brown on my skin tone . When I am in a rush I use this all over my cheeks as a bronzer / blusher. It’s a very natural color and instead of making me look flushed it just brings life back to my face like no other cheek product I own. It is for that reason that I have featured in so many posts, Monthly faves, ride or die, a makeup look and a haul.

Elizabeth Arden in Shimmering Copper

This is my all time favorite eyeshadow and it holds a special place in my heart. I have mentioned this shadow a couple of times here, here and here. It’s just the right amount of sheen without glitter, to take your look from “nice” to gorgeous. The shadow is very pigmented and smooth to work with. I have mentioned this before and I will say it again. If you are looking for a “pick-me-up” or a “splurge” item, this is it.

Essence Make me Brow

I picked this up during December and featured it in a haul. It has very quickly become a staple, an everyday favorite. This make doing brows so much easier, its quick, lightly pigmented and it sets them in place without making my brows feel crunchy. Well done Essence. Oh and its super affordable.

Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Mascara

Oh dear, this is a product that is almost reaching “addiction” stage. I love it so much cause it seprates my lashes without making them look spidery, it lengthens them and its so easy to apply. And not to forget that it lasts all day without flaking, yet is easy and effortless to remove it at night. I love this mascara so much that is has already been featured in three favorites posts here, here and here.

Essence Liquid Ink

I picked this up in January and it was featured in that same month’s favorite post. This product has been living in my makeup bag ever since. I use it every single day because it is super black and super easy to use. Never in a million years have I thought that I would recommend a liquid liner cause to be quite frank about it, I suck at applying them. But this is so affordable and such a good product. If you do not own it, get up after reading this post and go purchase it, you will thank me. BTW you are welcome 🙂 

Brown Kohl Liner

The one featured in the photo is from an Essence trend edition from 2016 and is not available anymore, but any brown kohl liner will give you the same effect. I just enjoy this specific one cause it is so thin and can draw a very precise line. A kohl liner can be used to smoke out your lash line and just elevate a look.

MAC in Syrup

You can without a doubt call this a cult classic. Every beauty guru and blogger has got; or had Syrup and we all love it. It a slap-on and go type of color that will go with any look and most skin tones. That is why it has received so much love on my blog not only in a monthly favorite post, but also in a ride or die post and a current favorite lippies.
Smashbox Be Legendary Long Wearing Liquid Lipstick in Coral

This was highly recommended by another blogger and I am ever grateful to her as this is a stunning lipstick. Not only is the color gorgeous, but it also lasts all day without drying out my lips and making them look like a dried out prune. This was another January purchase that instantly reached favorite status.

MAC Huggable Lipstick in Fashion Force 

If you are looking for a comfortable lipstick, this is your match. The pigmentation is on point and it truly hugs your lips like the name suggest, but it is not long wearing at all. This was another January find that went straight to my February Faves. Not only is it a gorgeous color but its comfy on the lips and easy to apply.

As you can see all of these products come from previous favorite blogposts and they truly are tried and tested. Leave a comment below with your recommendations for products on the run and remember to check out Jessica’s blogpost.

Love ya

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