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22 March 2017
Hi guys, hope you all had an awesome public holiday day yesterday and that you are all recharged and ready for the rest of the week. Today I have a post that is meant to be funny and a happy memory for me with my mom, but for some reason this post has never sounded right to me and for that reason it’s very late. I wanted it to go live on 10/03/2017 on her birthday but nothing I wrote was coming across the way I wanted it to, so here we are tonight  re-writing it and I am speaking form the heart, hoping it will be perfect this time. Tonight I have a particular need to be close to my mom and this way I can be reminded of the times we spent together and the things we (got to at a later stage) joke about.

This post will not be a review of the two products featured but I will tell you about them a bit later in the post.

So both my mom and myself are chocoholics to the bone, we would share a chocolate with our husbands but secretly have one stashed away as well. So here in Cape Town we have a shop that sells intricate chocolate truffles, but you have to go all the way to the Waterfront to get your hands on them. So believe me I was sooooo excited when a flag store opened in a mall near me. When my mom visited I told her that I was going to spoil her with these truffles, as she knew how good they are, we had some on a previous visit.

So I walk up to where the store use to be (like just a week ago) and all of a sudden there is a different store. You know these sales people that sell the products that are made with minerals from the Dead Sea?? Well NOW they don’t just have a stand, they have a STORE! 

In this time and space I am so disappointed that I did not even think about how these people just attach themselves to you and do not let go until they have not squeeze EVERY last cent out of you. I walk right up to the man and I ask him about the chocolate shop. He does not even bother to answer my question but rather ask if he can wash my hands.

Now I am not going to offend the man by saying no (in hindsight I should have  but all I want to actually know is where this chocolate flagship has moved to so that the spoiling for mom can commence. As she approaches the store to join me this sales rep already applied the salt to my hands and is giving the pot to my mom to smell. Well this was the beginning of the end…

Not only does the salt smell so good it also took out all the dirt that was on my hands. Obviously one is intrigued and that is where he got his hooks into us, cause now if you take the salt for a ridiclous amount then he will throw in the body butter as well for free (yeah right its for free) but now there is two of us, so its the amount times 2.

He then went on to selling us more products that we really did not need and with everything he showed us we were so impressed and he could see that on our faces! Needless to say we walked out there and my mom was almost bankrupt. Up to this day we joke about the Dead Sea incident and “but wait there is more”.

Milk and Honey Aromatic Body Butter

This is a thick body butter that smells heavenly and comforting, it smells like a hug in a jar (I might be prejudice as this reminds me of my mom). It is rich and moisturizing and feels so extremely luxurious. The packaging is a thick glass jar and when the cap is screwed off it makes this grand noise. I promise you it is not worth the price tag but I always think fondly of this memory with my mom when I use this cream, oh and I use it very sparingly. 

Gratiae Exfoliating Body Scrub

This is the trouble maker! This is what the sales person used to draw us in and got us hooked. The salt smells like passion fruit and lime and its fruity yet fresh. As you can see the salt is very rough and makes for a perfect exfoliator without damaging the skin. It removes impurities and dead skin cells while smelling lovely. I find it easy to use and again I treasure this product as my mom use this from time to time to spoil my dad and pamper him as well. 
It is memories like this that I will always treasure and think fondly of. My mom was not just a women that knew how to look after herself, but she took every opportunity she had to pass it on to her daughters. She did not just taught us to use great quality products when looking after ourselves, but she and my dad equipped us with life lessons and confidence to look after our emotional and physical self being  They taught us right from wrong and when we think back, we remember my mom with fondness. We remember moments like this and we are grateful to have had the privilege to make these memories with her and we remember her generosity and love she had in her heart. We love and miss you mamma and are thankful for every moment spent with you.

If your mom is still alive, call her and remind her of one happy memory you two share together and tell her she is appreciated and loved, we forget to treasure the happy memories and learn form the bad ones. Once God come and fetch his angels we can not bargain for more time, so make sure that every moment you spent together is one worth smiling about.

Love ya

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