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7 March 2017
I had one classy mamma. Let me tell you now, she might not have been the skinniest lady, but that just meant that there was so much more to love her for. I can not put in words how important it was to her to look after herself and to look her best at all times. Even when she was retired she would get dresses nicely each day and put on makeup, hell, even while she was sick she never let herself just go. On my last visit with my Dad we cleared out her cupboard and these are some of the products I Brough with me.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner

I can not remember if I sent my mom one of these before but what I do know is that she loved them. She loved them so much that when the black one I sent her (I presume) dried out, she repurchased it and added some other colors as well. It was funny and nerve recking at the same time watching her put these on. Imagine yourself not being able to see as far as the tip of your nose, so you have to wear glasses to see what you are doing, but at the same time you need to get a liner on that lid. The end result were my mom’s glasses resting on the tip of her nose, then she would get the angle just right and in one quick swift motion draw the whole line. Sometimes it looked like a pro did it and other times we had to call in reinforcements (i.e. makeup remover and q-tips) The tips is nice and fine and very pigmented. I will always treasure this product with fond memories and a smile on my face.

Single Eyeshadows

My mom loved colors and she was not afraid to use them, but at the same time she also enjoyed her neutrals. As long as I can remember she had this makeup holder that was always filled with beautiful shades and lipsticks. In the photo below you will see that I got my mom a palette with all her favorite colors, but like her junkie daughter, she still hung onto her single shadows.

Inglot Freedom Palette

As mentioned above I tried to convert my mom to a palette, and do not get it wrong, she loved this palette and for that reason I treasure this palette more than any other one in my collection. These are the colors she chose herself, and man she can be bold! Every time I use this, I get a lump in my thought and I just wish for one more day with my mom. 

Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly

My mom was always using a beige shadow to set her eyes before she started with her eye look (she has been doing this for ever and a day and I only discovered it recently). So when I discovered Painterly I just had to share it with her and she love it. It made her life so much easier, so much so that she even got my sister hooked on this.

Revlon Blush in Melon Drama

As long as I can remember my mom loved Revlon as a brand, she always had a gazillion Revlon lipsticks and shadows. So it’s only fitting that she has a Revlon blusher as the only blush in her collection. It’s a color that suited her very well, so subtle yet bold enough, just like my mom. 

Elizabeth Arden Ceremide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara

I have the deluxe sample size of this mascara and have been threatening to buy the full size. Now I got the full size from my mom’s stash. Just goes to show what great taste my mom and myself share *wink wink*. This is an awesome mascara cause it does not clump your lashes together or smudge / flake. It’s great for lengthening and to grow your lashes. I loved using this mascara and I am super glad that I got a full size.

Empro in Medium Brown

This was a break through product for my mom, cause as long as I can remember she use to always dye her eyebrows at home (I always thought she was crazy and now I pay someone to do the same to me…?) So when we got her this pencil she did not need the crazy dye any  more. I have one myself and its really convenient. It packs a punch, yet it still looks natural. I also find that when you touch your face, it does not slide all over, but rather just fades in color. 

Lipsticks Galore 

This is not even all the lipsticks that I took from her collection. She loved reds, especially those orange reds and pinks. I am not sure if I will ever use these. Not only do the have sentimental value, but there is no way I can pull off an orange red… When the longing gets too much I’ll hold one of these in my hand and imagine she is holding onto my hand as well and share the love we had for each other and makeup.

Now, before I get all teary and mushy, let me know in the comments below what beauty product makes you think of you mom and what products you treasure together.

Love ya 

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  1. I literally got tears reading this post. Me and my mom love lipsticks and that is one thing, we both love. My mom will retire this year and now I think I might gift her some good lipsticks. ???? Thanks for sharing

  2. Cherish every moment with her and give her an extra tight hug tonight.

    Elizabeth Arden is always a good choice for a spoil, especially their new lipsticks, come check out my review on Friday.

  3. My mum used to buy Elizabeth Arden lipsticks whihc I used to take out of her bag and test.

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