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Review : Clinique Lippies

5 March 2017
For some reason Clinique is a brand that gets very neglected in the blogging sphere. I am not sure what the reason is for that because if you ask most bloggers what their first purchase was from a “non-drugstore” brand, they will say it was from Clinique. They have great skincare products and their makeup has always made an appearance on my wishlist. End of last year, when these lippies launched I picked them up but never did a review on them, so today I will let you know my thoughts and if they are worth it.
Packaging – This product comes in a frosted perspex tube with a doe foot applicator. The silver cap with the the Clinique name on it just adds to the “nice” feeling but do not get me started on the fingerprint marks that gets left behind on it. Again there is a “click into place” sound when you close the tube that lets you know it’s sealed properly. The doe foot applicator also fits perfectly so that there is no spillage when pulling the applicator out or putting it back in. The square shape is perfect for saving space, especially for someone who has got way too many lipsticks and not a lot of space…

Applicator – If I am 100% honest with myself I have to say that I do not really like the applicator. Maybe I do not understand how the doe foot applicator is supposed to work, but let me tell you why I do not like it. The applicator is flat on the sides yet its round and at the tip there is always product lingering that should not be there. I feel that because of the shape of applicator I can not get a precise application. I always have to go in and fix things. Please let me know in the comments below if I’m just a nuub and is using this wrong.
Formula – What Clinique is saying : “Lightweight liquid lipstick covers lips with lush pigment and a modern matte finish. Wears all day. Moisturizing formula with a built-in primer provides a smooth, even glide so lips feel as fresh as the look.” 

I agree that it feels lightweight and the pigmentation is out of this world and yes, it glides on like a dream and feels moisturizing on the lips. All these points are outstanding, but to me it feels that I can not apply only a thing layer, the applicator does not allow for that. What happens next is disastrous especially cause of the bold color I chose to test out. The lipstick feels like it never really dries down and just even the thought of touching your face will make it smudge like you had a French smooch that will make a teenager proud. I am not completely sold on the formula but it’s not completely bad, I have tried worse.

Staying power – I think that this product has the potential to last quite a while, but to do that you have got to put some work into it first. I found that if I blotted away the excess product, it did dry down to a comfortable matte lipstick and lasted a good amount of time. It will definitely get you from 8am to at least lunch time, but the fading is not always very even. It does however leave behind a good amount of pigment that it creates a stain if you will.
Color Range – There is 8 colors in this range of which this one is called Flame Pop. The name fits perfectly with the color and its really fun. The colors range from a nude to some pinks, purples and a red. I feel that the range is missing a good coral color as well as maybe a dusty pink.

Where to find – You can go to Clinique’s online store and order it from there or you can find it at any Edgars, Red Square, Foschini or Truworths that has got a Clinique counter 

Pricing – This lippie will cost you R295 

Packaging – These lippies look exactly like the Clinique Pop Lip Color + Primer, I have done a full review on them here. The only difference is the colored tube has a matte feeling and look to it appose to the glossy look and feel to the original ones. Other than that the packaging is exactly the same and I believe the words I used to describe the originals were sleek and gorgeous and I still feel the same. The cap close with a tiny bit of resistance which I can still appreciate as I know it will not create havoc in my makeup bag.

Application – This lipstick is saturated with pigment and is extremely opaque. When I applied this for the first time it was the first thing that I noticed and to this day it still impresses me how pigmented this formula is. You do not need more than one swipe because not only is this lipstick opaque but it is also smooth and with the built-in primer that is all you will need.

Formula – On the Clinique website it states the following : “Weightless yet pigment-saturated formula hugs lips with 8 hour of creamy matte comfort. Built-in primer helps smooth lips for an easy, even glide every time.”

I enjoy the weightless feeling and boy oh boy I can not get over how pigmented this lipstick is. The 8 hour claim I have a bit of a problem with, for me its more like a 2 hour thing, but I agree with it gliding on smoothly and that it hugs the lips. The formula is very comfortable on the lips and I do not feel that it dries out my lips. After a while it does dry down matte, but even then it feels comfortable and lightweight.

Staying Power – Like I said, the staying power is more like a two hour thing for me but to be honest, I would much rather choose a comfortable matte over a long-lasting matte lipstick. It take 5 seconds to re-apply (which by the way, this lipstick layers very well) rather than a week to nourish chapped lips back to normal. When applied over a lip liner it lasts a tiny bit longer, but nothing worth writing home about.

Color Range – Again there is only 8 shades that range from pink to mostly purples with one red and a nude. Still I feel that a coral and a dusty pink will complete the range. The shade I have reviewed is called Icon Pop.

Where to Find – You can go to Clinique’s online store and order it from there or you can find it at any Edgars, Red Square, Foschini or Truworths that has got a Clinique counter 

Pricing – These lippies also retails for R295

Now if you were to ask me which one between the two I prefer, I would choose the Color Pop Matte lip color + Primer. Yes, it might not last as long as the liquid lip, but it is way more comfortable on the lips. If you tried any of these lippies, let me know what you thought of them and tag me in a picture of you wearing it.

Love ya

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