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Review : Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Bold Liquid Lipstick

23 March 2017
Hi guys, it is Friday and the start to the weekend. In the comments below tell me what your plans are for the weekend. Today I want to talk you through the newest lipstick range from Elizabeth Arden. I will call these bold with comfort. If you are considering buying one or more of these let me tell you why you need to buy more than one! (spoiler alert)

Elizabeth Arden says : “This creamy, high impact lip color provides the coverage and intensity of a lipstick with a shine of a gloss. Using the unique flocked tip applicator, push the lever of the click pen up to release just the right amount of product. Lips are saturated with intense color while rich emollients leave the lips feeling luxuriously moisturised and comfortable with long-lasting color that does not feather or bleed.”

Key Ingredients :

  • Pigments: Micro fine pigments provide high impact color.
  • Resin & Filmogen Polymers: Long-wearing polymers coat the migments, improving hold and shine of lip color and prevent glossy finish from bleeding or streaky.
  • Emollient Ester & Glycerin: Emollients soften lips and add to comfortable wear.

Packaging : A sleek pencil type of packaging that makes application a breeze. The applicator is also very innovative as it has a sponge type tip that you use to move the product around. Right in the middle is a tiny opening where the product is dispersed by either pressing the bottom part of the pen up or you can push the lever in the middle of the pen forward. There is a clear window space where the color of the lipstick peeks through and you can see the true color. It also disperse just the right amount of product for one use. After you are done applying your lipstick, this “pen” has got a cap that close. 
Applicator : Now let me tell you, that applicator is genius. The “cushion” is just big enough to cover your whole lip without going over the lines, the thin tip can even reach the “hard to reach” parts at the corners of your mouth. It also make it easy to apply at the Cupid’s bow. It’s super amazing! The other great point is that it distributes the color evenly without it looking patchy.

Staying Power : It is said that this is a long lasting formula and lipstick and most of the Youtubers I watched said that it lasted quite well. I also read a fair amount of blogposts because for some reason this lipstick does not last longer than 3 hours on my lips. I have tried using it with a lipliner, I tried blotting it down, I tried more product, I tried less product but I just seem to not pass the 3 hour mark. 

Formula : To be completely honest I do not care that it does not last the whole day. They are extremely comfortable on the lips and they do not dry them out. I can wear these lippies  day after day without having to take extra care of my lips. You put this on and you forget that you have anything on your lips. So when I do pass a mirror or after I had my lunch I will gladly re-apply. The only other minor hiccup is that the product gather on the inside of my lip if there is any texture there. This I feel is more of a skin / lip issue rather than a product issue, most lippies will do that.

Color Range : In South Africa we have got 7 colors. There is a nude shade, 2 different pink shades, a purple and three different red colors. The ones I am showing in the picture above is passionate peach on the left and fearless red on the right. 

Where to find : You can find these at Foschini, Truworths, Edgars, Red Square or Woolworths. If you are living under a rock and do not have one of these stores close or in your town, most of the above mentioned stores also got online stores that you can order from.

Pricing : They retail for R295 per lipstick. 

I enjoy using these lipsticks and I am extremely impressed by them. There is one or two things I would have liked to be different but we live in an imperfect world. These lippies are so comfortable and right now I would take comfortable over most other finishes. These will be a great addition for winter when chapped lips are the order of the day.

Comment below if you have tried these lippies and what you thought of them.

Love ya

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  1. It is rather interesting and innovative. The colors are gorgeous, I just need to hold myself back from not buying every singles shade. Ill be bankrupt by the end of that shopping spree. LOL

  2. I agree. I have no problem with them not lasting past 3 hours either, especially if they are a breeze to apply! I am always reapplying anyway because I want to look fresh. xo

  3. I agree with you! If you like the feel of the lipstick, it doesnt matter how long it lasts on your lips. You can always re-apply it 😉 I loved the packaging and the cushion tip of this lipstick.

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