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Beauty Edit : Under R250 – May 2017

27 April 2017
If you drew the short straw and you need to work this Friday we are both in the same boat and not wanting or loving even one second of it. It is never nice to know your colleagues are off enjoying their off day and you are keeping the fort back at the office, so I hope that this post will cheer you up a bit.

If you have been following my blog you will know that I have started a new series this year where I take a couple of products from the Under R250 page out of the Good Housekeeping Magazine and I review them. I have found some gems in the past of which one is featured in my April favorite’s post (here), and some products I can pull from my collection, as I already own them. Well today we will be sharing my thoughts on these three products with you.
Rimmel – The Only 1 Matte Lipstick in Take the stage

I was a little bit hesitant to post another red lip on this series as there was one last month as well, but when I looked at this lipstick in store it looked so good that I could not resist picking it up. Right off the bat I can tell you this, this lipstick is extremely pigmented and a beautiful blue based red. On the lips it feels very comfortable and not drying at all (at least for the first few hours) after that it does start to feel a bit dry, but nothing that a re-application can not fix as this lipstick layers quite nicely. Two swipes will make this lipstick completely opaque and boy oh boy it’s red as can be.

I have also noticed that this lipstick does not cling to dry patches on your lips but it might accentuate them slightly so do make sure that you exfoliate your lips well before using this lippie. When I was testing this lipstick it faded almost evenly and can only withstand light snacking, a KFC burger will destroy your red lip completely, feathering is not a huge concern but because it is so pigmented it is very difficult to clean once you over draw your lips (if done unintentionally) 

The packaging it rather interesting, at the base its a circle and it has got a ring that shows the color of the lipstick. Further down the tube it starts to flare out and ends in a diamond shape. Its unique and pretty but not so much storage friendly. I find the slanted tip a bit too big to apply with precision but you find a way to make it work. The product itself smells like melon and is quite heavily fragranced.

I enjoy this lipstick and will surely get loads of wear time now that winter is on its way.

Revlon Ultimate All-in-One Mascara

I already had this mascara in my collection and have been using it for a while now. To be totally honest I have not been reaching for it lately as I have other mascaras I prefer above this one. Lets start with the packaging.

Last year Revlon got rid of all their mascaras and brought out a line with 5 different mascaras, they all looked the same, only with a different color cap and a different wand to cater for different concerns such a lengthening, volume or separation. Now the red cap is suppose to do all of the above but in one mascara.

The wand is weird, I am still up to today trying to figure out how this is suppose to add length and volume. Maybe I am just not savvy enough to figure it out but I feel every time I use this mascara there is more mascara under my eyes than on my lashes. 

I can confirm that if you play it fast you can layer this mascara quite nicely but when it pass a certain stage it clumps up. On the first layer I find that this mascara makes my lashes look short and stubby, but with the second layer it adds a tiny bit of length.

To wrap this up – the wand is weird and stubby, but because its so small its brilliant for the lower lash line. The mascara is nice and black and last well without flaking. Not my favorite but I would not be mad if I forget my mascara and I get handed this one. 

Nivea Shine Control Moisturizing Day Cream

I am still in the process of testing this day cream but this is what I can tell you so far. Number one, I am very glad that this was included on the Under R250 page as I was in a need for a new moisturizer and the one I was using at the time was leaving me very “shiny” cause I think it was too rich for my skin. Number two, this cream smells heavenly clean and fresh and I would love to try out the rest of the range.

I feel that last month and this month plays right into my oily face as I get to try two skin care products to try and control the shine that is happening right now before the icy winter arrives. Now I have also been trying out a new face wash and I feel it leaves my cheek area just below my eyes very dry. This moisturizer stinged in those areas when I applied it, but only for a couple of seconds and then it went away. I enjoyed how quick it sunk into my skin and still left me feeling moisturized, it also kept the shine at bay for a little longer than usual. 

Number three, SPF! It is one of the most important skincare items that can be forgotten or just ignored. Now we need much more than SPF15, but it is a start. Using SPF in your daily skincare will obviously help with not getting skin burned when going into the sun, but it can also prevent pigmentation. The other thing I want to bring under your attention is how much damage a florescent light can cause, in some cases it can be worse than the sun, so please keep that in mind next time you walk into the office.

These were the goodies I chose to review for this month, please leave a comment below if you have tried any of them and let me know what your thoughts are.

Love ya

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  1. I initially loved this mascara when I first got it, but found after a week or 3, the formula started changing and I ended up giving it away.

    I need to check out these guides in the Good Housekeeping.

  2. I was not so fond of the brush from the start. Its weird and I still do not get the hang of it. Maybe Im just not clever enough to grasp the way its intended to be used.

    I love the Good Housekeeping Magazine, its really a great all rounder.

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