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Review : Colourpop Lippie Stix

4 April 2017
It is Wednesday and we are halfway on our way to the weekend followed by a couple of weeks with public holidays in each. I think that the lippies that I am going to talk about today would be great for days that you just want to hang at home, but they are also awesome to keep in you bag and top up during the day at the office or before going in to a meeting. 
Packaging : I think that the white packaging it synonymous with the ColourPop brand. The holographic printing is gorgeous and I love looking at it, it just rubs off very easily. Furthermore these are “automated” lippies, they are twist up chubby pencils, and the top part of the pencil is the same color as the lipstick, as well as the bottom of the lipstick. The cap click with a very distinctive “click” sound and it’s quite hard to open aswell. I enjoy the thin yet chubby pencil and I find it just the right size for easy application

Application : I think the size is just right for applying lipstick, so much so that a mirrror is not even needed – well ALMOST. The shape of the lippie allow to create a beautiful cupids bow and move down the lip without overdrawing the lips. Its easy and comfortable to hold and goes on smooth and evenly.

Formula : I would describe this lipstick as glossy, creamy, comfortable and smooth. They glide onto the lips with ease and without being patch or streaky, they have decent coverage and pair very well with the lip pencils (a review to follow later this week). I much prefer these lippies to the ones that I reviewed on Monday. I find that comfort outshine longevity in this instance. Sometimes I catch myself smelling them cause they smell so nice, like freshly baked vanilla cupcakes. — CUPCAKE BREAK!!! — 
Feeling : The first words that come to mind when I think of these lippie stix is comfort and pigmentation. They definitely do not last as long as the Ultra Satin or Matte liquid lipsticks, but they are rather pigmented and extremely comfortable on the lips, these mix well together to create a different color and layer okay-ish.

Staying Power : At this stage in my life I prefer a comfortable lipstick over a long lasting and drying lipstick. These lippies will not stay on all day, they barely make lunchtime but I promise you they are comfortable. Snacking is almost okay but full on lunch or dinner will make these lippies pull a disappearing act.  A combo I can highly recommend is pairing these lippie stix with liners. Most lippie stix have matching liners and it adds so much more life and longevity without the dryness and the uncomfortableness.

Color Range : I can not keep up with all the colors that I want to try and ColourPop constantly update and clean up their range. Between these two colors Lumiere (left) is the standout. Unfortunately Skimpy (right) does not work on my skin tone and makes me look like a dead zombie, so I am passing this baby on to someone who I hope it will suite better.

Where to find : Like all these posts, you can order direct from the website or make use of third party sellers. The other option you have is to use a service like Aramex.

Price Point : You can pick these up from the website for $5 or there is also sets available, but please visit the website for more info.

If you have tried these lippies, let me know what you thought of them and what colors you have.

Love ya

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  1. I have a lippiestix in 'Cami' and I love it! The formula is great…I agree, better than the Ultra satin in my opinion. I'd definitely get more of these if I ever do an order again.

    Lumiere is lovely… I didn't know when I ordered that Lumiere was a Kathleen Lights collab or I would have definitely gotten it.

  2. Oh my goodness. I don't have anything Colourpop, but if I were to order something, it would be these! The formula sounds great, and I LOVE the Skimpy shade! My skin is a bit darker, so I love those light nudes!

  3. I feel that some of their products are great while others are not so well suited for my skin type or skin tone. I can imagine Skimpy looking great on you, but on me its a whole other scary story. Thank you for visiting.

  4. I love ColourPop products but have been wanting to try the Lippie Stixs for a while. So going to get myself some, thanks for your review!

    Mae Polzine |

  5. Ive been dying to try these and the only reason I haven't is becasue I have heard they are drying but Im going to give it a try after this post. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thank you for stopping by. I found that these are not as drying as the liquid lipsticks. These lippie stix were very comfortable on the lips and I highly recommend them. Let me know what you thought of them when you do try them out.

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