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Review : Colourpop Ultra Satin & Matte liquid Lipsticks

2 April 2017
It is Monday again and the beginning a new month filled with public holidays, YAY!!! Well this week I have more posts planned than the usual three per week. This week I will be posting each day!!! In January I placed an order with Colourpop and I decided to make use of their own shipping service that comes standard when you purchase for more than a certain amount. It felt like ages to arrive, but in reality it was only 20 working days. I got to pick up my package early in March and I have been testing these products ever since and I have some opinions on all of the goodies I picked up. In the course of this week I will be sharing them with you. 

Packaging + Applicator: I just adore these see through tubes with the silver cap, I know its rather universal but to me it screams Colourpop. I can appreciate the see through tube, as this shows the color of the lipstick and you do not have to search for names or numbers, this make it easy to spot the color you need.  The name Colourpop and the type of formula of the liquid lipstick is printed in a very cute holographic print on the tube, but it rubs off very easily, mine has already rubbed off almost completely. Although the tube has got a stopper on the inside, I feel that the doe foot applicator is much smaller than the stopper, what this means is that the excess product does not get left behind so you end up with a lot of product on the applicator. On the other hand, I enjoy the slightly longer applicator and the the doe foot applicator might be standard but to me it feels a bit smaller than normal, but even that is okay with me, cause it adds to the ease of applying this formula.

Staying power : The Ultra Satin and the Ultra Matte formula wears more or less the same amount of time on my lips, and they also feel more or less the same. I feel that they last a good 3 – 4 hours with light snacking. They will not withstand lunch and a cup of tea, I also find that they wear funny on the inside of my lips. Furthermore these lippies stay a tiny bit tacky and dry down matte all at the same time. What I mean by this is I find them drying on my lips but my lips can still cling together a bit, it’s all weird territory for me

Formula : When you first apply these they feel comfortable on the lips until they set and dry down. It feels gel like at the beginning and is extremely pigmented but it sets quite quickly to a matte looking lipstick. It is easy to spread across your lips, but because it is so pigmented   you can very easily over draw your lips and I promise you, it is all down hill from there. You either have to overdraw the whole lip or if you made a mistake it’s very difficult to wipe it off cause of the fact that its so pigmented. My suggestion, take your time when applying these liquid lipsticks

Feel : I am very sorry to say – I wanted to love these sooo much, but they feel so extremely drying on my lips, they also look very dry. They do not play well with each other and they do not layer well, do not even try to mix colors. I find myself wanting to add lip balm when ever I wear these and although it helps with the dryness, its take away from the longevity. 

Color Range : ColourPop is very good at quirky names and have got an excellent color selection. They constantly bring out new collections with new colors and quirky names. They also do great collaborations with YouTuber beauty gurus and those colabs usually sell like hot cakes.

Pricing : These retail for $6 which is an excellent price point, but I feel that we have better options right here in SA and I would not run out to go and buy these, Maybe one day when the formula is a bit easier on the lips they will be worth it.

Where to find : You can order these directly from the ColourPop website and when you sign up for their newsletter you will get a $5 discount on your first purchase. Or you can contact some of the third party sellers here in South Africa. Please leave a comment below if you would like to find out more about third party sellers.

I hope that this will help you a bit and please let me know what you thought of these lippies if you have tried them before

Love ya

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  1. I like the formula on the Ultra Matte , it is super drying but some days I want to look in the mirror at night and still look okay lol and the lippie never let me down yet. (This doesn't happen that often lol ) . But its drying as hell though so I reserve the lippy for those days only. I have a Ultra Satin in Marsmallow – but ja… I picked a grey lilac colour and I don't have the guts to wear it outside the house yet – but it's pretty comfortable. The colours you picked are gorgeous though.

  2. Thank you for saying hi.
    Its very difficult as the colors is different than on the website as appose to real life. I hear what you say about the formula, but I am not so sure if the dryness is worth the life being sucked out of you lips (that might be a bit of an over exaggeration). Come visit again tomorrow, it going to be goodie.

  3. I love my lippiestix I got from them, but the ultra satin…I'm not in love with it. I have echo park and the colour is also way different to what I expected. Then I got a mini set, though I like the colour range in that set. The formula though….hmm…. not obsessed at all. Sometimes I just dot it over some gloss for a bit of colour.

    Awesome honest review…love it!

  4. I also enjoy the lippie stix way more than the Ultra Satin / Matte. At this stage in my life I choose comfort over longevity of a lipstick. It's very tricky to get the colors right. I should try the gloss trick, thanks for mentioning it.

    Thank you for saying hi and for enjoying my review.

  5. I feel the same way. I'm not fussed if a lipstick does not make it to lunch…lol. Heaven knows we have more than enough lipsticks to just reapply a different colour every hour!

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