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Review : L’Oreal Clay Masks

21 April 2017
It is Friday and you have made it through the week. I feel that when there is a public holiday in the week it always make my week so much harder. Do net get me wrong, I look forward to that one freebie day off, but then I have to fit 5 days work into 4. Anyway, it was good to stay home and I even masked a bit over the weekend and today Im going to talk to you about the L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks.

Packaging – When you first purchase these masks, the box make it look like its a huge jar and you are already planning to mask every to every other night and it will last you for ages. Stop right there, the jar is about half of the box and the rest is packaging. This is not really an issue, cause on the box its states the ml’s and it also tells you how many uses you would more or less get. Now the actual jar itself is a thick glass jar with a plastic lid. The jar feels really luxurious and adds weight to the product (which in the back of your mind make it feel like a fancier product than what it is). Unfortunately the direction and product information is on the box and not the jar, so if you want to refer back you will have to take photos or keep the “oversized” box.

Application – I have found that applying these msks (or most masks for that matter) with a flat foundation brush not only eliminates the mess, but I feel you have more control over the application of the mask. Make sure that you only apply a thin layer otherwise this mask will not dry in the recommended wear time if its too thick. I find that with the brush these masks are rather easy to apply and easy to spread, its also easy to sheer out. The most popular way to use these are called multitasking, where you use a different mask on a different spot on your face to treat a different skin concern.

Feeling – Once this mask has dried down, it feels like you have a cement face, its not my favorite feeling in the world and I am not convinced that it is good. The green and black masks are smooth as appose to the red one that has got exfoliating particles throughout the mask. As mentioned in previous skincare related posts, I am much more a fan of a chemical exfoliator (containing fruit enzymes) rather than a physical bead. On the box it lists the immediate result as well as the longterm results and I think it is definitely a prodcut that you have to use over a long period of time to see a difference. I have not seen my skin mattify when using the green mask, and the black mask I feel has not really pulled any “gunk” out of my skin. Reading back on this I might be a bit harsh in my review but when I hear clay masks my thoughts immediately go to the Glam Glow masks. Now I have not tried those masks yet (its on my wishlist and you can read about it here) but I have just expected more. Watching all the overseas YouTubers rave about these made my expectations rather high and I have not yet experienced that level of awesomeness with these masks yet.

Purpose – These masks are a blend of three powerful clays; Koalin, Montmorillonite and Ghassoul. Then mixed with these clays are another ingredient that is different to each mask and it is this ingredient that allows each mask to target a different skin concern. Now lets chat about what all these mask are suppose to do according to the packaging.
Green – This mask contains Eucalyptus which is known for its purifying properties. That is why this mask is suppose to immediately make your skin look fresh, clean and purified. Within a week of use it is suppose to look matte, clearer and softer and with continuous use your skin should be able to breathe and visibly transformed.   
Red – In this mask they have added Red Algae extract which is suppose to have brightening properties. After use you skin should look softer, smoother and brighter. Within a week your pores should feel tighter and texture should start to refine and with continuous use you should radiate a healthy glow.
Black – Charcoal is the extra ingredient in this mask which acts like a agent to draw out impurities. after first use your skin should look purer and clearer and within the first week’s use it is said to make your skin feel fresher and more luminous and then with continuous use skin can breathe and is visibly transformed.

Where to find – The easiest way to get hold of these masks will be to pop into a Dis-Chem or a Clicks. I have also seen them at some Edgars and Foschini stores. 

Price – I have seen these mask at different stores sold at different prices. They range from R130 – R150. I do not think the price point is bad as this is a more “specialized” type of mask.

Overall thoughts – There is currently loads of hype around these masks and I think that the internet and YouTube is to be thanked for that. Furthermore on its performance, I do not think that these masks are terrible, I just feel that there are better ones out there. The smell and the tightness I feel after these have dried down is not at the top of my list as reasons to buy this. I will however continue to use these to see if the longterm effect does take place, and besides as a beauty blogger I have a whole drawer full of products to counter act the dryness and the redness (a sneaky reference to a post to be published later this week) that these masks leave behind. Maybe in the future I might swallow my words but at this stage I do not feel that this is a product you need to run out and get asap.

If you have tried these, please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Love ya

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  1. I was very skeptical to post this review cause everyone online seems to love it, But it appears now that there is more people that is not so much involve with these masks. #keepingitreal

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