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Review : MAC Goodies

16 April 2017
Hi guys, hope that you all are having an amazing long weekend and that you are all well rested. Tomorrow we all return to the office and get back into the swing of things. I know that it’s not the most pleasant thought so I am bringing you a review today of some awesome MAC goodies to distract you and to keep you in a good mood. Who can walk into a MAC shop and walk out of there without a little something-something. Today I am going to share with you my thoughts on the little something-somethings I got.
Liptensity Lipstick in Postmodern & Medium Rare

The two things I look for in a lipstick is comfort and pigmentation and these lipsticks hit the nail right on the head. Not only are they super opaque but they are comfy on the lips as well. The packaging it so unique in the world of MAC with their signature black tubes. The color of the lipstick it exactly the color of the tube and the lid is also the exact color as the tube and the lipstick. All in all they all are true to color.

The formula is creamy and comfortable and glides on the lips with ease. They last quite a while and the darker pink one even leaves behind a pretty stain. At first these lippies go on very glossy and later they settle into a satin finish. I have not experienced that these “collect” up at the inner rim of your lip, so that is a huge plus. 

The color selection and range is very bold and it took me a while to pick out two shades that I found wearable and I was only successful with one of them in the end. The darker pink shade (Postmodern) is beautiful and compliments my skin, but unfortunately that is not the case with the lighter pink (Medium Rare). This is taking the whole dead zombie look to a whole new level. I do not look dead, I look deader than dead (Afrikaanse version – mors flippen dood) and to make things worse, it clings to any and every texture it can find on my lips (which is not hard at all). I now have a choice, either sell it or give it away, cause my husband does not do the zombie type girl…

Cream Color Base in Shell

The color in this photo is a bit off, just a tiny bit. Here is looks a bit red, but in real life it is more of a champaign pink. Its gorgeous I promise. 

This cream product comes in standard MAC packaging, the black pan with the see through top. Its easy to use, easy to spot the color (should you have or want more than one of these lovies). The packaging it sturdy like always and to tell the trust I am slightly addicted to the sound of a closing MAC compact.

This is a cream product but not a slippy slide type of cream, rather a (sorry for the word) stiff consistency. I have found that it applies better with your fingers rather than a brush, well if you want a more blingy highlight. This highlighter can be used under your foundation or on top, it swings both ways (wink wink 😉 ) It can be a very natural highlight or a slightly more intense highlight but nowhere near as blingy as a powder highlight.

Now I am not going to ramble on about my textured skin and blah blah blah. I appreciate how this highlighter does not sink into the textured areas and how it creates just enough to make me glow without adding to the oiliness. I think that has to do with the fact that there is micro shimmer (NOT GLITTER) particles in here. I really enjoy this product and I think its very versatile as you can use this as an eye shadow base as well.  

MAC EyeShadows in Wedge, All that Glitters and Mulch

MAC shadows are like bunnies, when you first look you have two shadows. Blink and then there are 8, blink again then you have 20, you do not want to blink again – at least your bank manager is begging you at this stage not to blink again. All jokes aside I love MAC shadows, never had one that I was not happy with. With this purchase I wanted to get something to create an easy and day time appropriate smokey eye look.

The packaging is the same as the color base and oh that click – it is so satisfying! I really appreciate the clear see through top where the color peeps through as for the formulas, I will tell you in a minute. These shadows perfume really well, but I enjoy them most when my eye lids are primed and set. I find that they blend easier when set with a powder first. Now lets talk about shades.
Wedge – Its a cool toned matte color and perfect to act as an transition color and to blow out a smokey look.
Mulch – This is a great color to define the outer “V” or deepen your look. It’s a velvet finish which is almost like a sheen I suppose. Looking at this color is also seems cool toned.
All That Glitters – A very famous shade and Im sure it’s part of most Guru’s collection. This shadow has got a pearl finish and is perfect for popping on the lid to add some dimension to this look.

I am quite happy with most of these goodies, the only dud is the light pink lipstick and that is only cause of the color. Remember “mors dood” zombie. Have you tried any of these MAC goodies? If so what is your thoughts?

Love ya

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  1. Don't laugh to hard- I don't own anything Mac lol. I've swatched lipsticks and walked out. The mors flippen dood comment is so funny – my mom usually tells me that when we go makeup shopping together and I want to buy a super nude lipstick or nailpolish. The Mac shadows are sooo pretty. (Btw is the header of the blog new? It's so pretty!)

  2. Its a pity their products is awn the pricier side.
    I have come to realize that finding the perfect nude lipstick is like finding that perfect bra. It rarely happens an when it does you need to get more than one.
    Thank you for noticing the header, I made something new.

  3. I know right, and the moment I set my foot in the mall the MAC store start calling my name. My wallet unfortunately are not very good friends with any MAC store 😉

  4. I don't own much MAC. 2 lipsticks and then my brow pencils. I love the nude lipstick…modesty.

    And I love your nudey shade that makes you look mors flippen dood???????????????? I laughed so loud!

  5. MAC can sometimes be a bit of hit and miss for me, I do not like most of their foundations and I feel they can be a bit over priced but there is something so satisfying about MAC.

    Glad you enjoyed my comment. <3

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