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Collab : Top 5 Goodies and Baddies from the Drugstore

6 May 2017
Today I am bringing you another collaboration with Jessica from Just a City Girl, after visiting my blogpost please go show her some love by letting her know you are coming from my blog and let her know which product you either hate or love. We are showing you the good, the bad and the ugly (in our opinions) from the drugstore that we would save our money on or recommend you pick up back-ups of. Here we go, lets first start with the “baddies” list.

L’Oreal Cameleon Eye shadows

These colors are gorgeous and that is what drew me to purchase these shadows, but they are not pigmented at all. Even when you foil them, they are hard to work with and you need to put a lot of effort into getting them to work almost decently. They also do not last all that well on the eyes and crease very easily. I have more shadows in my collection that is just more user friendly and for that reason I do not ever reach for these anymore.

L.A. Girl Blush and Bronzer Cream stick

These were extremely hyped up on YouTube and when they came out I was very underwhelmed. I feel that when you start blending these out, they just blend into nothing. I rarely, if ever reach for these as there as so many other great blushers and bronzers at the drugstore (Clicks / Dis-Chem)

Essence Multi-Action Mascara

This is such a pity! I love the wand on this mascara, it separates my lashes beautifully and it adds gorgeous length to my lashes. The big problem is the flaking. Unfortunately it is so bad that it over shadows all the good about this mascara. I also find that if transfer to my under eye area and for those two reasons it is part of the “baddies” team.

Catrice Eye’Matic Eyepowder

When this launched last year, I was pretty excited to try it out but I was once again let down by this product. It’s a beautiful frosty / shimmery light pink eyeshadow, but it lacks pigmentation and longevity. On my eyes it creased up almost instantly and the packaging can be a bit messy too if you are not careful. The outside labeling also rubbed off easier than most other cosmetics I own. Im not a fan, sorry.

L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask

Recently I have done a full review of all three the Pure Masks (check out the post here). I am not in love with these masks and out of all three of them this is the one I like least. Its a little bit gritty and all three of the masks make my skin feel dry and tight. Not a huge fan at all.

L.A. Girl Pro BB Cream

I have spoken about this BB Cream over and over on my blog and I will continue to blog about this as it is the best! It literally just evens out my skin, I do not need to set it to worry about it during the day. Just add some blush and mascara with some gloss and you are good to go. Not only is it super affordable but it is just a great product. 

Essence Princess Lash Mascara

Nichole from Young, Wild and Polished use to always talk about this mascara so when I saw it in store I had to pick it up. As a first impression I was not happy at all and I forgot about it in my drawer. When I tried it again I fell in love so hard. I think the formula just had to dry out a bit. This mascara create a beautiful, yet not too much volume to my lashes. It also does not transfer or flake. I found myself using it over and over and even picking it over some higher end mascaras.

Essence Glossy Stick

This is also a product that has received loads of love on my blog. I have at least three that is doing the rounds at any given time. I find them easy to apply, sometimes I do not even use a mirror. They are also very comfortable and the colors in the range are gorgeous. Love these.

Gosh Lipstick in Nougat

I do not know if this color is still available but it has been an all time favorite since the beginning of my blog. The color is the perfect nude for my skin tone and its so comfy on the lips, it does not dry them out and has got a beautiful shine and it smells good as well. It might not last very long, but is so easy to just re-apply.

Essence 2 in 1 Eyeshadow and Liner

These cream shadows has also been very popular on my blog, especially the bronze one. Its the perfect base for and everyday easy look or even the most complicated smokey night time look. When set with a powder they last all day and feel soft on the lids, I find them easy to use and apply as they take a while to dry. This allows you to smoke them out a bit and use beautiful powders overtop to set them without making it look cakey.

These were all the products that I would say you can save your money on or go out and get ASAP. Please leave me a comment below with you top low and high product.

Love ya

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  1. I also love those essence liner and shadow sticks. And finally somebody that also doesn't love the L'Oréal mask???? I've been trying to make myself believe I like it…but I find it adds nothing.

  2. Those shadow and liners are just so easy to use.
    Those masks, I just feel that my face do not need to be able to crack for something to work, Im sure there are more out there that can do exactly the same and be less uncomfortable.

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