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Review : Little Eskimo Ice Masks

15 May 2017
Happy Monday guys! I hope you all had an amazing weekend and that you are ready for the week ahead. If not, I have the perfect product up for review today. Please take note that this was sent to me by Little Eskimo to feature on the blog should I want to and I really am glad and thankful that they contacted me. This is the type of product I would glance over and not even think about twice, it is something that does not resonate with me, but after testing it a while I look forward to the time of day that I get to use these mask. Lets get into my thoughts of this product. Once again, thank you Little Eskimo for sending this over.

Packaging : You notice right off the back that this brand is proud of their products as the packaging makes sense and support the products so well. As you can see in the picture above the box opens like a little booklet which not only shows off the eye / face mask, but it also lists the multitude of uses on the side (which we will get into a bit later). When you close the flap / lid it is magnetized and shut 100%. On the righthand side you will find a plastic film that cover the openening where you can see the mask peeks through (probably for sanitary reasons). Then when  you open the box right at the back the mask are neatly tugged into a plastic tray with the straps neatly folded and a cool space for the silk pouch. Now lets talk about the silk pouch, each mask fits snugly into it’s own silk pouch which protects it from dust and other impurities and is easy to wash and clean. I take my hat off to companies that think about how a product is going to be used and what is needed to store it properly but easy to grab and use over and over. Great, great packaging!

Functionality :
The eye mask is said to assist with the following
  1. Puffy eyes
  2. Reduce Redness
  3. Alleviate Headaches (I can truly attest to this)
  4. Wrinkles (maybe over an extended period of time)
  5. Late Nights
Then the face mask is said to assist with 
  1. Smoother skin
  2. Pore Primer
  3. Reduce swelling and inflammation
  4. Wrinkles
  5. Control Blemishes 
  6. Late nights.
I struggle with headaches a lot, those that you go to sleep with and wakeup with the next morning. These masks truly alleviate the pressure and the pain. Do not get me wrong, they do not make it go away (only strong meds does that) but they do assist in just giving me a break when I do not know if I should stand up, lie down or sit up straight. When the pressure gets so much that you consider yanking the headache out through an ear or an eye, its one of the most amazing feelings putting on these masks, going into a dark room and just laying down for a couple of minutes. I am so thankful to the Little Eskimo team for sending me these masks as they are such a blessing.
When using a particular face products that put my skin into overdrive and it gets all red and flared up (like exfoliators or scrubs) these masks are quick to calm everyone down and make sure we all play together nicely. It cools the skin and I really want to believe that it tightens the pores (but I have not particularly noticed that, I suppose with longterm use one can comment on that aspect)

Fortunately I do not suffer from dark under eyes or general puffy eyes, only when the headache and me took a round or six in the boxing ring, but when that happens the eye mask is soothing and cooling on the eyes and surrounding area.

I can also see how these masks, especially the full faced one, can alleviated sun burned skin when you have spent too much time in the sun at the beach or the pool.

Each mask comes with velcro straps at the back to make sure that the mask is adjustable to suite your preference on how tight it should be. The instructions is to place the mask in the fridge to cool and then to apply it for 10 to 15 mins. Guys, its 10 minutes filled with bliss. The masks are easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store or reach for. After each use you can just take a towel and clean the mask where is was in contact with your face.

Should the mask get damaged of pierced, they box explicitly warns to discard the mask, but it is going to take one sharp object to damage these masks. While testing them, I found them durable and easy to shape to the contours of my face – the full faced one more than the eye mask.

I was very surprised at how affordable these mask were. You can purchase a combo pack with the eye and face mask for R269 or you can purchase them individually @ R95 and R185 respectively. This is such great value for money as I think that, although I do not use these mask every night, they do have a function and a space in every skin care routine. 

Please show Little Eskimo some love on their social media, FacebookInstagram or their Website and go check out these masks. They have the most darling illustrations on their social media.

Would you try a mask like this or would you also, just like me, glance over them. Next time you think of buying an interesting beauty gadget, consider the “Ice masks” you will use them year round, I promise.

Love ya

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