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Unboxing : Boxycharm April 2017

8 May 2017
Hi guys, thank you for visiting my blog again. I am doing this post in collaboration with Simone from An Ordinary Gal Blog, so please go show her some love and visit her post as well to see what she got in her box.

I have been looking for a great South African subscription box, but every time I get my hopes up I end up being left disappointed. So one Sunday afternoon while doing the washing and contemplating to subscribe to another subscription service I wished we had a service like Boxycharm in South Africa. See what makes Boxycharm so different is that you get full size products every time. So this is like killing two birds with one stone, I get to try over seas products and I get a present every month. Now you might not get most of these products in South Africa, so if that makes you feel annoyed feel free to click away, but if you want to checkout what I got keep on reading. 

Blend Squad Blending Sponges by PUR

In most blogposts and videos everybody compares these sponges to the famous Beauty Blender. I suppose those were the first beauty sponge and only lately has any companies joined the ball game. So here I go as well as that is the only sponge I can compare it to. The PUR sponges are firmer than the Beauty Blender, much firmer! They also grow about twice in size when run under a tap, but the biggest difference between the PUR and Beauty Blender sponges is that the PUR ones are designed to use dry as well, oh and the shape. The Beauty Blender is just a tear drop shape whereas the PUR sponges has got three sides, the bottom (butt) part, the side to cover larger areas and then the slanted side for powder applications.

On a lighter note Milo, my puppy, still prefers the original Beauty Blender. If I am not careful and I take my eye off my Beauty Blender for even just a second, I know I can go and look for it in her mouth. I held both sponges in my hands in front of her and she smelled both, then licked it and then she tried to grab my Beauty Blender.


Hairgurt Smoothing Yogurt Shampoo

I am not one that believe in smoothing shampoos. If you have frizzy hair the only way to get rid of it is to heat style it or to braid it. That was until I used this shampoo. Somehow the shampoo makes my hair not all frizzy at the ends like it always does, unfortunately this comes at a price. I am not sure if it is the banana or what, but something does not smell so nice. In the tube it smells lovely, like strawberries with a hint of banana (very pleasant if I may add), and then it must be shower water that activate the reekiness in this shampoo. But when you rinse it off and you towel it dry it goes away. This is something Im glad I got to try but will not be going out of my way to repurchase.


Plato’s Cave lipgloss by Allegory Story

Number one – Im not a gloss kinda girl and number two – I do not do browns. With my pasty skin it looks like I have rubbed mud on my lips. The Boxy card however says that this is a creamy, pigmented lipgloss with bold color and a touch of vanilla scent. I have not opened it or swatched it as I am planning to gift this to a friend that I am sure would love this.


Rodea Drive Highlighter by Ofra

This is a gorgeous golden highlighter with a natural but buildable to a blinding shine. A stunning shimmery (not mistaken for glittery) highlight that you can add to the high points of your face. The powder is super soft (hence the reason that mine got a bit mangled in transit) and it is super pigmented. I really look forward to using this highlighter.


Concealer Palette by Measurable Difference

This is a 16 pan concealer palette that will allow you to conceal anything! I am either planning to use it as a contour / highlight / concealer or gift it to a makeup artist friend as there is a real contour and highlight palette in next month’s box. The videos that I watched where the people swatched these concealers they were kinda hit or miss. I am not big on using concealers and I have one or two that I am quite happy with so I think Ill definitely be gifting this one.


Now lets have a quick chat about the process. I registered on Boxycharm’s website and used my Aramex account to ship it to South Africa. If you want to register as well feel free to use my link

What did you think of this box and do you think it is worth it?

Love ya

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  1. Lol at your puppy!! He's right though, the beautyblender is way better! I love your gloss. ha ha.

    I have such frizzy hair, was looking forward to the shampoo, but maybe now with that smell, I'm glad I rather got the face masks.

  2. Thank you! I've been seriously contemplating signing up for this. As always, I love your reviews

  3. My puppy has got class and style, just like her mamma. Just a pity we lack the funding to support that class and style LOL!

    I think the mask is a better option. Im still stuck on trying the NUGG masks.

  4. Glad you enjoyed it, if you have an Aramex account this is so worth it. A box filled with goodies to the value of R1700 for about R400. Love it!
    Looking forward to next month's box

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