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29 June 2017
Hi guys, the other day I was going through my makeup collection and it pained to come across such excellent products that just got lost in my collection. I remember being super excited to put them to the test and try them all, then they just got lost among all the other goodies.  

Makeup Geek Shadows

I have been keen to try these shadows for sooooooo long and I finally got my hands on them LAST YEAR!!! I have heard only good things about these shadows – like everywhere. They were quite expensive as I bought them through a third party here in SA and I almost had to arrange a funeral for one of the shadows while using and testing them cause I do not have a  Z-palette to store them in and I dropped one. I must just make a plan cause these shadows are so nice and sooo worth the price.

NYX Love in Paris Palette

This palette was featured in one of my very first blog posts that I have done here. I use to love this palette so much until more exciting and prettier palettes came along. I forgot how good this palette is and how versatile it can be – well for a neutral look that is. For some reason I could just not get it over my heart to part with this palette and although it is not getting any love anymore, it still has got a special place in my heart.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Lip Repair Balm

Hmmmm I know why this got pushed to the back to the drawer. If you have been checking in on my posts for a while, you would have come across a post or eight where I whine about how dry and flaky my lips can be. A while back (like quite a while) I picked this up and the moon, sun, stars and something close to the universe was promised to me when I will be using this balm. It got pushed back to the dark, lonely corners of the drawer cause it did not work for me at all. This balm would be great for healed and normal lips to keep them in shape. With this being said, I found a couple of products that did help me through that tough and trying times and now I have much healthier lips, maybe I should give it another go and see how I like it now?

MAC Rosegold Pigment

When this was released last year around the December holidays, I stalked it like a mad person. I simply had to get my hands on it. I went home, swatched it, took pictures and got all excited – then went on holiday and literally fell into 2017 and never used it again. I was a fool! So the other day I packed this into my makeup bag for work and felt very brave. Not only was I wearing a weird wool headband (to cover and protect my ears from the cold) but I thought as I already look weird why not put dark pink and gold glitter on my eyes. Let us write it down to poor decisions made caused by lack of sleep. Well let me tell you how this little lady surprised me! On my eyes it looks gold with a slight pink shift, the glitter is so finely milled and it is just gorgeous, so much so that I wore it for a whole week straight. 

Benefit High Beam

I thought that maybe a cream highlighter will show more respect to my textured skin than a powder usually does. Well I was right, but I did not really had the correct tool to apply this highlighter and my fingers just did not do it justice. While I am typing this I am thinking of how beautifully the Temptu highlighter applied with the PUR sponge I got in my Boxycharm recently and that is exactly what I am going to try it with. It’s a beautiful highlighter that just need the correct application to masker it work perfectly. Now I am getting excited again. 

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizing Body Oil

While on holiday last December I picked this up thinking that I will moisturize more if my products are all in one place (I am not the best “moisturizer-er in the world, my skin is constantly filing complaints with management), but needless to say not one drop of oil has touched my body as of yet!!! Note to self – use it now and write a review, that way I will be forced to use it. 

L’Occitane Velvet Hand Cream

Oh my word this smells sooooo nice. I do not know how I kept looking over this hand cream, but I am so glad I did cause now that it is winter and I need hand cream so badly I can appreciated it 100% more. Its a beautiful rich hand cream that smells like an orchid – its define!!!

Essence Lashes to Impress

I was blessed with middle of the path type of lashes, not too long, not too voluminous, just “meh”. So I picked this up thinking I will fall in love, learn how to apply lashes in an instant and where this everyday, slaying it like a queen. Fact of the story is – it has never seen the light of day!!! Its still packed away shouting at me every time I open the drawer its in. But I promised myself  that I will try them on – SOON 🙂 

Lancome Lip Tint

Boy, these were hyped up like crazy and I was part of that hype. This shaker lived on my desk at the office and no one was allowed to look at it, unless they were going to say how nice it looks on my lips. Then it got a permanent space in the dreaded drawer and made friends with the Elizabeth Arden balm and some other forgotten friends. I still think it a good product and I should just remember to use it more often… Maybe I should find it a space next to my bed or next to the couch in front of the TV, it sure will help to keep my lips healthy this winter.

Inglot Liquid Lipstick in 16

I remember when this range came out, I could not walk past an Inglot counter or store without applying this lipstick. I kept on promising that I will come and take one home until I finally bit the bullet and forked out the money for this lipstick. It was nice and I like it for a hot minute, but it was so much better in my imagination while it was still not mine. I tell you, that store faeries, they mess with your mind and your judgement. Everything looks and perform better in store.

These are items that just got less and less love as my collection grew, leave a comment below if this happens to you as well from time to time.

Love ya

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  1. I love the L'occitane hand creams! They are the best! What a stash to rediscover! lucky gal 🙂 HAd you signed up for boxycharm in Feb you would have gotten a z-palette and some MUG shadows. he he

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