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Haul : July 2017

31 July 2017
It’s a new week and a new month. I have loads to do this month as we are going on holiday in the last week of August. My little sister is turning 21, and since they live so far from us, we decided to make a holiday of going up to Limpopo and visit the family. Not only do I have to put together a super awesome gift, arrange a b-day party, I also have to catch up on work and prepare some blogposts for when I am away. But lets get back to today’s post – a haul! I love watching haul videos or reading similar posts. Not only do they excited me, but they enable me (sometimes too much). Hopefully I am enabling some of you today with all the goodies I picked up for my Haul : July 2017
Haul : July 2017

L’Occitane Hand Creams

In my July Faves I mentioned how much I adored this hand cream, and how badly I wanted the full size. So last week sometime I quickly went to Clicks after work to pick up a few things before going home, and just across from Clicks is the stand alone L’Occitane store. Immediately a fight broke out in my mind between the “bank manager” and the “addict”. We convinced the “bank manager” we were only going to get a 30ml hand cream at a reasonable price. Needless to say that it did not happen like that. First we convinced the “bank manager” that a 150ml is more economical than the 30 ml, which he understood. But then the store sales man convinced us all to get the special – where you get two 150 ml tubes for not so much more than the regular price for one. A newly launched product and it can double up as a hand mask. It was a nightmare of which I enjoyed every moment and I can honestly not wait to start using these. I gave my tiny tube to a friend to make myself feel a bit better. The lies we tell ourselves???

Revlon Colorstay Creme Eyeshadow in 710 & 720

Revlon is killing it with new releases lately and this one, I have been waiting for since I watched Tati’s video way back when. When I walked past the Revlon stand I nearly threw over my trolley with excitement. I immediately stopped and picked up two shades. To me they look like they will make a killer combo, yet I still want to go back and get more (maybe until I have them all!!!) In Tati’s video she mentioned that the brush it comes with is the best for application. There is only one matte shade and the rest is all shimmer and metallic shades. All the sparkle you can need. Would you guys be interested in a full review?

Cettua Masks

I blame Boxycharm for my current face mask addiction. In my May (which I was meant to call June) unboxing, we received three fibre sheet face masks. I can not put into words how much I enjoyed the two hydration ones. The one that is left is more like a primer mask and I will save that one for a special occasion. I believe this is where my obsession started, I have picked up a hand full of different masks of which these were the latest addition to my collection. They are affordable and fellow bloggers raved about these masks so I’m excited to put them to the test and report back. 

Elizabeth Arden Sheer Kiss Lip Oil

I have seen these all over social media and I finally got my hands on one. It took a long time to decide which color I wanted as all of them are gorgeous. The look, packaging and feel of this lip oil is right on trend. I want to put myself out there and say that I feel Elizabeth Arden’s image is changing. They are more edgy and modern, but hopefully they will still keep the amazing standard of their products. These lippies look so beautiful and I want to go back and get all the colors, hopefully the consistency is good and it adds some hydration to my lips.

Revlon Ultra HD Gel LipColor

These are another new launch from Revlon and from what I swatched in store they were super buttery / creamy, they just glided onto my hand. In the picture the colors look very much the same, but they differ quite a bit. The one is a beautiful nude-ish plum shade and the other is a pinky nude color. The shade range is huge, there are 15 colors (like WHAT!!) and I’m sure that there will be something for every one.


Revlon Kiss Balm in Crisp Apples

This is ALSO a new launch from Revlon and the last I picked up. Jessica from JAMBeauty89 on Youtube is involve with these and she gradually picked up all the shades. I wanted to get the peachy scent as well, but it looked like it might be favorite, cause it was sold out almost everywhere. This balm has got SPF20 which is quite impressive. This might be another product that lives on my desk at the office to get used over and over. Holding thumbs for a great lip balm. 

Essence Wake up, Spring Lipstick Pens

In the past I have absolutely fallen in love with these chubby pens. The consistency is normally comfortable on the lips and its easy to apply. These colors scream spring and is making me look forward to the change of season. The colors look beautiful and I can see myself wearing this constantly. It can be thrown in my handbag and carry around for a quick top-up as I do not think this will last very long on the lips, but if it is comfortable I have mentioned in the past that I do not mind re-applying. These lippies are so cute.

Smudge Gel Lip Liner in Medium Brown

I can not walk past a lip liner like this. It is my favorite to wear all over the lip with just a gloss of some Elizabeth Arden 8hour cream over top. I have heaps of these type of liners in my collection and they all receive so much love. Looking forward to trying the “gel” formula as it looks like all the others I have, wondering if it really will perform differently.
Let me know in the comments below what goodies you picked up this month and what new launches you are looking forward to?Haul : July 2017
Love ya

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  1. What an awesome haul my friend!!! Yikes! Some fabulous goodies. I really want to try the EA lip oil out. Those hand creams are the bomb…I've been out of that cream for ages now! You're making me want to go buy now as well!! LOL

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