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Review : Dove DermaSpa Range

26 July 2017
Review : Dove DermaSpa Range
So Monday’s post was all about my July faves and there was a very strong theme to the post, Hydration!!! So on that point lets talk about some more hydrating goodies. I kept seeing the Dove Derma Spa adds while watching YouTube videos. After the 5th or 6th time skipping the add, I decided to watch the full one and then it hit me – I need to have these products for winter!!! The lady’s skin looked so healthy, glowy and radiant. So I took advantage of a Clicks 3 for 2 special and will be sharing my thoughts with you today.


Cashmere Comfort Rich Hand Treatment

As mentioned in my faves post, I keep this hand cream on my desk at the office. Its rich and luxurious – slightly more expensive than normal hand creams, but is worth it. Not only does it smell fancy and I would imagine cashmere to smell like, but it is also rich and hydrating and comforting for dry hands. After using this I do feel a slight bit of oiliness for a while, but the cream does sink in to the skin completely after a short while. When I use this I can imagine myself being fancy and booked into a spa with a treatment – something like a hand massage – that is about the commence. While we are in the middle of winter I can not think of a better product to sit on my desk.
This hand cream retails for around R63. 


Goodness3 Silky Body Oil 

This oil is what spa dreams are made of. It smells gorgeous, little tropical – like there is definitely a scent of coconut. It also smells sophisticated and like a product you will pick up at a spa. I want to say that this is a thicker oil, but in saying that its still very runny (it this makes sense please explain it to me LOL). I am currently using this two ways. Either as a bath oil when I do indulge in running myself a bath. The water restrictions here in Cape Town is making that a bit difficult. Otherwise ill put the oil all over once I am done showering, and let it sink in for a second or two before I lightly towel myself dry. I can not describe what a huge difference this oil has made to my skin. Please do not use it as a in-shower oil! My husband nearly came second in a shower match – husband vs slippery shower floor.
You can get your hand on this oil and be around R93 out of pocket.


Goodness2 Body Cream

This is an awesome companion for the body oil, it smells exactly the same as the body oil and is the perfect follow up product. It sinks into the skin fairly quickly and hydrates the skin quite well. I am trying to think of the best way to describe the consistency as its not runny like a lotion, but it is also not thick like a body butter. It has got that sweet spot in the middle where it is easy to work with, absorbs quickly and just get the job done. This cream is packed with Omega 3 oils and is said to leave your skin feeling velvet smooth.

This tub will set you back R93

Although this range is a bit pricier than the average, I do believe that it is worth it. You have got only one skin and looking after it should be a pleasure not a chore. I want to believe that a range like this can make you step up your skin care game. There is still one or two more products I would love to pick up from this range. But I am very happy with the ones I am currently using and I highly recommend them. If I had to pick one, I would pick the hand cream.

Let me know if you have tried this range and what your thoughts were.

Love ya

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