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Unboxing : Boxycharm May 2017

12 July 2017
Hi guys, We have made it to the half way point of this week. From here it is just downhill all the way to the weekend. What is your plans for this weekend?  Now, just like checking your mails each day, I check in on my Boxycharm (almost) each day. If it is not to check for spoilers, its to check how far shipping is. Some people may call it a stalking problem, Im calling it quality control or even service evaluation. I really enjoy receiving Boxycharm each month, as I get to test some awesome goodies and I feel that the South African subscription boxes lack value (please do not kill me in the comments, its just my opinion). This month was a good month, but I think the next months to come will be even better. I read some amazing (confirmed) rumors and I am excited for future boxes. As always please feel free to use my referral link  (where you and me will earn some charms to spend in the Boxycharm shop).

Diamond Glow Powder by Artist Courture in Illuminati ($27)

It is indicated on the card that we get with our box, that this powder can be used on your face to highlight, on your eyes or on your body. This is a loose powder that surely knows how to pack a punch. Unfortunately this highlighter does contain some tiny glitter chunks and I am not too fond of a chunky highlight (cause of my textured skin), but on the eyes this will look stunning. It does take some work to use it on the eyes because it is a very finely milled powder, so you have to have some sort of “sticky, creamy” base that this powder can attach to. The other problem is fallout, because there is tiny glitter in it, it sticks to your face like crap to a blanket. It’s a beautiful color and highlight, but I will have to find a specific way to incorporate it into my makeup routine to maximize this beautiful powder. 

Rose Gold Pro Precision Tapered Face Brush 640 ($24)

My brush arrived a bit wonky as it was a tiny bit too big for the box. I have washed it and tried shaping it, but Im sure once I start using it more it will go back to normal. Boxycharm picked the perfect brush to go along with the Diamond Glow Powder, this type of brush will tone down the intensity of the powder and make it almost usable as a highlighter (even on my textured skin). The bristles is so nice and soft and I have just heard good things about Luxie brushes. Glad to add this sister to my collection. 

Ofra Long Lasting Lipstick in Tuscany ($20)

I watch ALOT of Youtube and I can not think of one beauty guru that doesn’t like the Ofra liquid lipsticks, and now I understand why. Oh my goodness! I am not a huge fan of liquid lipsticks, because I have lips that tend to be very dry and slapping on a liquid lipstick really upset my lips and make them feel unloved so they rebel afterwards (the look is mostly not worth the hassle to get them back to normal afterwards). This lipstick however is the best thing since sliced bread. It is soft on the lips, extremely pigmented and rich, it does not bleed and it lasts a good amount of time before it fades rather evenly. However, it does transfer and in a full working day I have to reapply at least once. Not only is the color perfect for winter, but I am in love with the formula. If you have a chance to try out these lippies, go for it! You will not regret it.

Realher – Do your Squats Eye Shadow Palette II ($28)

Out of all three variations that was available to get in this box, this is the one I was hoping to get. There is a mixture of matte and shimmer / sheen shades and the colors are beautiful. I am hoping that I can create some awesome eye looks with this palette. Looking at it I do not think it is groundbreaking, but I am sure that one can create some everyday type of looks. I did find the shadows to be a bit patchy and the pigmentation is lacking in some of the shadows. To be 100% honest, paying almost thirty dollars for this palette is a bit steep. I think there is a couple of more affordable palettes out there that may perform better, but in saying that, this is the one we received in the box and I can work with it. I might just not reach for this as much as I do for some of my other palettes.

BioBelle Cosmetics – 3 Sheet Masks ($15)

I am really looking forward to using these masks. They look super interesting and just what this winter skin is asking for. I am yet to test and try these masks (at the time of writing this post) but I am sure they will be awesome. On the back it notes “biodegradable fibre” “includes botanical extracts” & “non-toxic”. It would seem that the mask itself is manufactured with wood from a sustainably managed forest. It is GMO, parabens & gluten and phthalate free. This to me sound amazing and I can not wait to put one of these on and unwind after a busy day at the office. Maybe take a nice long bath with some nice smelling candles – after we get some more rain and the water restrictions is a bit less hectic.

These were all the goodies we received in May’s Boxycharm. It would seem that Simone had difficulty with her Boxycharm this month but have a look at her previous unboxing (here, here and here. Hope you enjoyed this post and leave a comment below with what your favorite local sheet mask are.

Love ya

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  1. Is it crazy that I am most excited for those sheet masks?? lol. Always love the unboxings and seeing what people think about the products they have received. I see everybody's brush was a bit wonky….ha ha. Thanks for the linking my friend 🙂 So sorry I could not join you in time to publish the post!

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