A Kiss from Elizabeth Arden ????

11 August 2017

Hey there lovelies, it is Friday and the start to the weekend. Today I have a very exciting blog post with a kiss from Elizabeth Arden. I absolutely love Elizabeth Arden and when they launch exciting lippies like these they just make my wallet empty and my heart full of joy. ???? *Spoiler alert* I love these lip oils and if I do not stop myself every time I walk past an EA counter, I’ll buy all the colors. I featured this lippie in my recent haul post, and it quickly became a favorite and an everyday staple.

A kiss from Elizabeth Arden


When you purchase this lip oil, it comes in the most beautiful black box with holographic writing on it. Its beautiful and pretty and makes me want more colors, but that’s not even the best part (I’m a cheap date if I’m sold from the packaging alone). The lippie itself is unique from anything I have laid my eyes on before! Its a see through circle with a sphere in the middle and a clip off lid. Perfection! The see through part is made from hard plastic and the sphere part is made from soft plastic (like a squishy feel). The packaging is nice and sturdy and I believe it can win a fight with any type of handbag out there. I feel that this packaging is young and exciting. A product like this might attract a younger generation than before.

A kiss from Elizabeth Arden - Applicator


I can not think of anything better to exchange this with. The angle of the applicator tip is turned at the perfect degree for easy application. When you hold this lippie between your fingers and bring it to your lips you will find that it fits perfect to the natural glide of your lips. It is also just big enough to fill the lips entirely but not “over-draw” THEM. I find that it’s easy to clean so that no build-up forms at the rim which will keep this product fresh and clean.

Pink kiss from Elizabeth Arden

Staying Power / Performance

If you are looking for a lippie that will last all day long, this is not it! But as EA describes it themselves on their website : “The perfect pop of luscious color that’s both fashionable and functional is here. Each tinted lip oil pairs the hydrating benefits of an oil with the pigment of a gloss, bridging the gap between color and care, to rejuvenate lips with a non-greasy feel.”

At this moment in time I do not care for lips lasting all day, I want comfort! This Sheer Kiss Lip Oil is gorgeous on the lips, it adds beautiful color that is rich and pigmented but can be sheered out with your fingers. I find reassurance in the hydration it brings together with the high pigmentation, but without the gloopiness of a gloss. Its lightweight on the lips and not sticky at all. The smell is another winner for me. It smells like a minty cupcake. I had a look at the ingredients and there is no mention of mint anywhere, but then again the mint scent is fairy faint. It predominantly smell like vanilla that very quickly dissipates after application.

Gorgeous Pink Swatch - Kiss from Elizabeth Arden

Colour Range & Where to find

There are 6 colors in total in this range. A peachy color, a nude, two type of reds, a purple and then the pink. It is the one I have and is in the color Heavenly Rose. I think that the color range is all one can need and ask for. Its interesting how they have two red colors. One is a coral red and the other is a deep red. I can honestly not choose between them, all the colors are gorgeous and flattering on most skin tones. You can get your hands on these lippies at an EA counter from most department stores @ R295.

With a kiss from Elizabeth Arden each day who can not love this lippie? If you have tried it, let me know in the comments below what you thought and what color you got.

Love ya

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