Empties : August 2017

9 August 2017

Hi guys, hope your “to-do-list” on today’s public holiday is just as awesome as my box of “empties” that I have been saving to share with you. I love reading or watching these type of posts as I get a quick review and also discover new products to add to my ever growing “I-need-to-want-that” list.

This post is not going to be very long as there is only a hand full of products and then some repeats from previous empties posts. Just goes to show how much I enjoy those products. Please let me know in the comments below if you have tried any of these products and what you thought of them.


The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey Shower Cream is boarder line not cool. I really enjoy the body butter and the body scrub from this range, but for some reason the shower cream is different. It has the same distinctive smell but it translates different once on my skin. I enjoyed it while I had it, but it’s nothing to write home about and I will not be repurchasing.

March Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Body Wash – I will definitely repurchase this. Although it is on the pricier side, its soft on the skin and worth it. I discovered this gem at Dis-Chem the one day strolling aimlessly through the isles, killing some time before a movie. Its around the R120 mark, but it lasted forever in my shower and I was sad when it was finished. The smell is amazing! *sitting here sniffing the empty air in the container*

Serum & Masks

Elizabeth Arden Superstart Booster. We all know I have a love affair with this product. I promise you that this product will be featured in each and every empties post I do. I can not go without it anymore. Without going on about it too much as I have mentioned it a million times here on the blog, its amazing and I will keep on repurchasing this even if I have to sell some organs.

Dirty Works Rose & Glow Moisture Mask is an affordable mask that add some moisture back into your skin. It has got a beautiful rose scent to it and is smooth on the skin. I feel that this mask got lost in my collection and is now past its expiry date, but I feel Ihave not tried it enough. Might pick this up again when Clicks has got a 2for3 sale, as I want to try more items from the range. Think I should maybe do something like a range review?


Mitchum Roll-on is another product that will feature in every empties post I do. I have been using this since I was in high school. The trust and faith I have in this product is unreal but real at the same time! I feel fresh and confident every time I use this, but it has to be the unscented version. Nothing is allowed to interfere with the scent of my perfume.

This Hairgurt shampoo came with my very first Boxycharm box. It smelled lovely at first, but the moment I apply it to my hair it smells like ????. I will most definitely not be getting this again and after only using it twice I am gifting it to a “not-so-good” friend.

When it comes to face wipes I am not the biggest fan. Its great to have something like this on hand to wipe away swatches. I admit that it can be handy to have a tiny packet in my bag for when I go shopping. But when it comes to skincare I prefer micellar water and / or a cleansing balm. These were good enough and got the job done. “Meh” ????????‍♀️

The Ones I almost forgot

Dermalogica intensive eye repair reminds me of the saying big potions come in tiny containers (or what ever). This tube lasted me forever and it is about the size of my middle finger. The tiniest bit goes a long way. I enjoyed this eye cream and should I get it as a gift with purchase I will not complain. But its a bit pricey going out and getting the full size. Im too cheap to replace this one… It’s the truth ya all.

Chloe by Nacisse holds one of those childhood memories. My mom’s whole room would smell like this when she left for work. This is old school perfume and Im sure that all of us owned this perfume at one or other stage of our lives. Yet I still love it and I will make it my mission to find another bottle.


I am slowly starting to declutter my lipsticks. I have become such a hoarder and I do not need all of these. Some of them are still brand spanking new and never been used. In the past I kept them just incase I want to compare it to something else. But now I’ll be selling them or gifting them to friends that I know will use them. The Roughe Edition Velvet one is another story. Its old and has got an unpleasant funky smell to it. It will be gifted to the waste bin

These were all the empties I have to share with you, If you have tried any of these products, let me know in the comments below what you thought of them.

Love ya

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  1. Love a good empties post! It really helps prevent me from spending money on things I wasn’t sure about! I’m a serious Mitchum fan too and am currently going through a cleansing wipe obsession. The PnP brand face wipes are just as effective as Garnier and half the price btw!

    1. I know right, empties are the best. I always find goodies too add to my never ending list of stuff “I-want-to-need”. And since the whole product is used up, the person should have decent thoughts on the product.
      Thank you for popping in

  2. I actually like the Woolies wipes, haven’t tried the Garnier ones yet. I actually like wipes for that time before I shower and wash my face, so I can get most of the makeup off.

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