First ever BSS Expo

28 August 2017

I am a beauty junkie! I love everything about beauty, learning how to look after my skin, knowing how to apply makeup. But most important to love and accept myself as I am. So when I saw the add for the first ever BSS Expo I jumped to get a ticket. In this post I will talk about the Facebook group, the goodie bag and some of the exhibitions that was there on the day.

BSS Expo

BSS (beauty swop or sale) is a Facebook group with over 40 000 mostly South African members. It is a group where you can swop makeup that is not working for you, or have the opportunity to purchase makeup (local and overseas brands). Only legit makeup (no fakes, yes one do get fake makeup) is allowed to be sold, and when you swop it, it need to be sterilized. The group admin is quite strict about this. The group also allow for bloggers to post a link to a post they wrote that week (Tuesdays). Should you need advice you can post your question, there is so many ladies with answers and advice and remedies. Its actually cool!

In our goodie bag we received some Kiki samples and a Kiki Setting spray. This already paid your ticket as its value is more than the R100 I paid. We also received a gorgeous lipstick from Catrice and a sample shadow from their sister brand LOV. Then lastly we received a very interesting breast mask ????. Thank you to all the sponsors.

There was about 12 exhibitors with products ranging from skincare, makeup, hair and nails, almost everything you can think of. There was some stalls that got online stores and sell over seas brands and then there was some local brands like Avon and Morgan Taylor and many more. As this being the first BSS Expo I think it was very successful with some room to improve. I take my hat off to all the organizers and wish them congratulations on a successful day.


The photos above showcase some of the vendors that had their stock on display. They had people explaining the brands or the skincare items, and I learned a lot. I also drooled a lot over some of the over seas brands. The was the Tarte in bloom palette and the Zoeva Cocoa Blends palette. Unfortunately my budget manager gave me strick instructions to only look, NO BUYING ????

Feel free to click the link above and visit the group on Facebook if you feel this is something you can benefit from or help out another lady in need. Once again congratulations to everyone involved in putting this day together and may the next one be bigger and better than what you can imagine.

Love ya

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    1. Hi my friend, I have never purchased from them, but I have my eye on some of their goodies. I am looking forward trying the goodies that came with the bag.
      Budget manager is no fun.. ????

  1. Thank you so much for this post and the kind words 🙂 DOn’t forget to sport your BSS bag whenyou go shopping so we can identify each other 🙂

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