New Look and New Space

6 August 2017

Hi guys, and welcome to my new space and new look. If you read my Beauty under R250 post then you would have gotten a sneak peak of this new look and new space. This is all thanks to the lovely Lizna Erkelens from With Elizabeth H. Please go and show her some love and check out her social media here.

I think that it important to grow and to improve your space continuously. It is also important to work on one’s writing skills and photography to appeal to a broader audience. Thanks to Lizna the battle is halfway won.

I want to talk a little bit about why I chose this particular look and feel. Let’s start with what was left as is, and that is the eyes. When I first started my blog, I knew nothing about web design and I created my first banner in paint (#cringeworthy), the “oo’s” as eyes. My mom was so excited together with me and she was so proud of what I created. We had such an amazing relationship and I could share anything with her. She taught me everything she knew about makeup and skincare, but most of all self-respect. Read this post if you want to know more about her. She was one special woman! She was also brave with color and loved to do her eyeshadow. Blues, greens Purples, nothing made her back down and that is why the eyes were so important to me.

Now if you know me at all, you will know that I am a soft and gentle person. I do not like to step on other people’s toes, I try and avoid conflict as much as possible and I am very sensitive to other people’s emotions. That is why I chose pastel colors. I feel is suites my personality and my vibe. Lizna did a great job at capturing the essence of my personality and the feel of my blog into a logo. I am forever grateful to her.

I can really recommend Lizna, she worked her magic and took care of all my blogging needs and gave great tips. The transition was seamless and all her effort and patients is greatly appreciated. Go check out her page as she does not stop at blogging. Should you or your company need to re-do their website “who you gonna call” or re-design their logos. Lizna will be perfect.

On this note I am going to say “check this space” for an exciting post to follow soon and once again thank you Lizna from they bottom of my heart for my new look and new space.

Love ya

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